Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12 English Subbed

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In the underground chamber of Annie, Hitch calls Armin who is touching Annie’s crystal, for his charging. Armin explain that he is transferring the memory of Annie’s Titan to him if he can found anything important. Hitch bans his visits to Annie and he is pleading for unban. Hitch smiles and says that she had no intention of doing this.

They leaves Annie’s chamber, Hitch shows a newspaper to Armin and he is reading the headline which claims that the military is taking the power to detain Eren Jaeger. The military is losing public’s interest because they are not providing the answers to public. They enters the court area of the military headquarters and saw the protestors are protesting outside to free Eren from cell.

A member of the Military Police calls Hitch to control the crowd and Mikasa, Armin are going in the building. Mikasa noticed a few Scouts are already in the headquarters and she is thinking what are they doing here.

Dot Pyxis is with Yelena and she admits that she met Eren on the day of Shiganshina railway celebration. She didn’t tell anybody because she feels that the people of Paradis ignores the rest of the world and if she spoke about this then it may create chaos. Yelena feels that Eren also want to meet her but she haven’t infiltrate Marley. She never want that any body should make the pressure on administration.

Pyxis is still in doubt that why she will risk for a secret meeting when she don’t have anything in it. Yelena admits that Eren calls for damages to Marley as expected. She tells Pyxis that they are seeing the history is changing behind their eyes. Yelena also confirms that she met Eren for her curiosity and the other Anti Marleyan Volunteers didn’t know about this. Yelena claims that she had done everything for Eldia.

Pyxis says that he will believe her if she will share the details of her meeting with Eren and tell everything about it. He feels that there are still something she is lying because she mixed the truth with some lie.

Hange and Onyankopan are playing a game of cards. Onyankopan is thinking about the doubts on the Anti Marleyan Volunteers after they spent more than three years on Paradis Island. Hange apologizes to Onyankopan and ask him if he knows about anything about the secret meeting of Yelena and Eren. Onyankopan replies that he don’t know anything about the meeting. Hange asks Onyankopan that what he knows about Yelena.

Onyankopan replies that Yelena was the main girl who organized the volunteers when everything was against them but still she proved her loyalty to Zeke and the others. There were accidental death and it was doubted if they are killed or died. Hange finds this thing strange but Yelena capture the other Marleyans and spend almost three years on Paradis Island.

In the headquarters, Mikasa and Armin are meeting Dhalis Zachary, and asks for the approval to meet with Eren but Zachary denies. He explains that the investigation is going on Eren’s attack on Liberio and the military don’t know who was involved in this attack. The military believes that Eren is manipulated by Zeke.

Mikasa asks that what is happening to Eren and she noticed a peculiar chair in the office. Zachary reveals that it is the chair where the full enquiry will proceed on Eren. Armin suggests if Eren is not cooperating then Mikasa and him should talk with him but Zachary says that the condition is critical and they should not meet Eren.

Mikasa and Armin leaves Zachary’s office and Armin believes that the military lost his confidence on Eren and they will selecting the recruits to inherit the Founding Titan. Mikasa said that she is going at the door to listen what Zachary and the MP’s are meeting about, but Armin stops Mikasa.

After a moment, Zachary’s office explodes and the body of Zachary falls on the court area outside. The protestors and the Military is outside and they are shocked. Mikasa and Armin are alright and runs down in the courtyard where they met Hitch. Zachary’s death charges the protestors and they start shouting the Scout’s slogan “Give your hearts”.

An investigation held for Zachary’s death, Roeg tells that the bomb was placed under the special chair and the culprit is still unknown. Hange tells that the volunteers are on arrest and Onyankopan are with her. It clears all of them from suspect. Armin tells that he and Mikasa saw some Scouts in the headquarter and as Zachary said that the recruits brought the chair in his office. Nile Dawk also adds he heard that the Scouts leaked the information of Eren’s imprisonment.

The door opens and a soldier reports that Eren is escaped from his cell. Nile Dawk orders the police and Mikasa is in shock. Eren meets with Floch and his supporters. Floch tells that there are many more his supporters hiding in the military. The supporters killed Zachary. Floch says Eren is the only one who can save Eldians. Eren orders the group to find out where Zeke is kept.

On the next day, the military convince Kiyomi Azumabito and hundred of soldiers and guards are disappeared from the prison and they have surely escape Eren from the cell. Nile Dawk decides the group “Jaegerists”. Hange believes that their main goal is to reunite Eren and Zeke and reform the Military with Eren as its head. The Jaegerists makes the rest of military in schemes and takes Eren without telling the Scouts.

Nile tells that he knows what will happen then, many of the Jaegerists are from the Scouts. Hange accepts her failure but she tells that resigning now will show that she is irresponsible and it may be true that many other Jaegerists are hiding in the Military. Roeg is not trusting and tells that they have to detain the whole Scouts if possible.

Pyxis arrives in the room and ends the conversation. He asks that who knows about Zeke’s location and Hange replies that only she knows and Captain Levi with his 30 soldiers and other three soldiers who deliver supplies to them. Pyxis orders to bring the three supply soldiers here and Pyxis asks Nile if he knew about Historia’s residence. Nile says that only few soldiers knows Queen’s location but he will recheck. Pyxis is confident that Eren will go for Zeke and Historia both, so protecting both of them is their main priority.

After Zachary is dead Armin says that there is only Pyxis who can lead all of them. Pyxis should lead them. Pyxis lifts his hand and suggests to surrender to Eren. Pyxis concludes that their hands are tied and they have so many traitors in their military. It will be costly for them if they wipe out all of them and they don’t have so much time left. He don’t want for full surrender but we will use Zeke’s location and negotiate with the Jaegerists. They have to overlook Zachary’s murder and Pyxis suggests that Zachary won’t mind this.

The meeting ends and Pyxis apologizes that Kiyomi have to see all these things. Pyxis suggests that she wait at the port until all these things are solved for her safety. Kiyomi agrees and she asks Mikasa to came with her on the ship. Mikasa considers that she is an Eldian and wants to have a future of the place where she born. Kiyomi tries to frame her by saying that she was the only reason for their visit. Mikasa points out that Kiyomi also wants the resources of Paradis Island. Kiyomi agrees and said that her family may lose the power without the resources, but still she believes that Mikasa is pride of their country.

The Scouts gathered outside and discussing the feelings about the current situation. Hange is suspecting that Zeke and Yelena knows about this situation before and that’s why they have taken the precautions. The Scouts need to find out Zeke’s intentions before they make them harm. They are going in the Marleyan prisoners who get the job through Yelena’s interference.

The Scouts gather outside, discussing mixed feelings about their current circumstances. Hange suspects that Zeke and Yelena are prepared for this situation and likely took precautions, so they need to figure out Zeke’s intentions before they come to light. They are going to start by looking into the Marleyan prisoners who obtained jobs through Yelena.

The Braus family with Falco and Gabi arrived at the restaurant of Nicolo. The Scouts are travelling the streets and Pieck is sitting near the street holding a newspaper.

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