Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 English Subbed

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Zeke is explaining to Captain Levi that he used his spinal fluid and transform the villagers of Ragako which was Conny’s village in titans four years ago. He tells that he didn’t want to do it, but it was important to prevent Marley from the allegiance to Paradis Island. Captain Levi don’t trust him because don’t feel guilty for this.

Zeke changes the subject by asking when he and Eren will begin the planning and Captain Levi tells him that it is up to the headquarters’ order. A soldier suddenly came and whispers the news of Zachary’s death in Captain Levi’s ear. Captain Levi understands that the Jaegerists have to take the control of the walls and the military is suspecting that it is the part of Zeke and Eren with Yelena. Captain Levi leaves and thinking lonely that he saved Eren so many times and how many comrades he lost because he always believed Eren is the hope of humanity. Captain Levi is unhappy that where his believe led him in this situation.

The children of the Braus family came to the restaurant and they enters where Nicolo greets them. Gabi and Falco are nervous and Artur understands their situation. Nicolo welcomes them in the restaurant and shows the way for the table. Kaya points out to Gabi and Falco that he is the guy which is Marleyan. Kaya points out that Nicolo wants to review his food like Sasha always does. Kaya thinks that may be he was in love with Sasha.

Nicolo prepares food and he is interrupted by Greiz who informs him that the Scouts wants to meet him. Nicolo tells them that he is busy with the customers. Hange tells that they can talk when the customers are gone. Onyankopon suggests that the Scouts are investigating the Anti Marleyans and he is hoping that Nicolo can provide some useful information to them.

Nicolo shows them a room where they can wait for him and Conny analyze that the room may be reserved for the Military Police. Jean picks up a bottle of wine and wonders that if this is the wine the soldiers have been talking. Jean said that he and Conny can share a sip of this wine but Nicolo charges for the battle and takes the bottle from them. Jean tells Nicolo to calm down by saying that they were just joking. Nicolo tells them that it may be wasted on Eldians. Jean is disappointed by Nicolo’s racism for them and Nicolo leaves with the bottle.

Nicolo returns, Falco makes a fake stomachache. He leaves the table for the restroom and Gabi goes with him. They goes to restaurant’s cellar area and reveal that they are the Warrior Candidates from Marley. Both came on Paradis by the airship.

Nicolo is in shock and ask have they killed a female soldier. Falco realize the question’s motive but Gabi in excitement tells that she kills a female soldier by a rifle. Nicolo realize that she is Sasha’s killer and he grabs the bottle of wine and attacks on Gabi. Falco pusher Gabi and the bottle of wine smashed on his head. Gabi is in horror and she can’t understand what happened.

Nicolo punches Gabi and carries both of them to the dinning room where Braus family is dinning. Nicolo throws Gabi on the floor and reveals that she is the one who killed Sasha. Nicolo gives a knife to Sasha’s father and ask if he can kill Gabi otherwise he will.

The Scouts enters the room and wondering what is going on. Jean recognizes Gabi and he asks what is going on here. Nicolo tells them to stay out of the matter because he will kill Sasha’s father. He is holding a knife and put on Falco’s throat. Gabi urges Nicolo to leave Faclo because he haven’t done anything and it is her who killed Sasha. Gabi shouts that Sasha kills the people she cared but Nicolo is not listening to her.

Artur interrupts and ask the knife from Nicolo’s hand. Nicolo gives the knife to Artur and he explained that Sasha was grown up as a hunter. He knows that hunter’s way of life may be end for them after the attack of the titans. He sent Sasha in the world of the walls to become a soldier. She shot and killed people and in the last she got herself shot. She left the forest but the world is a bigger forest, still she fights for her survival. Artur gave the knife to her wife and she puts it on the table. He tells Nicolo that he believes Sasha was died because she was in the bigger forest from a long time. Adults should keep their children out from the bigger forest.

Kaya grabs the knife and goes to kill the Gabi when she realize that she is the one who kills Sasha. Mikasa stops Kaya before she make a blow. Kaya is calling Gabi a murderer and she thought that Gabi was a friend of her but Artur pulls Kaya away. Mikasa and Armin takes Gabi in the other room.

Niolo tells Hange to wash Falco’s mouth because some wine may be gone into his mouth. He thinks that the wine contains Zeke’s spinal fluid. Jean forces Nicolo to reveal the story and he tells that he don’t have any proof but the first Marleyan fleet contains the wine for the mission. As a Marleyan soldier, he knows the power of Zeke’s spinal fluid. He gets the job in the restaurant and Yelena told him to serve this wine only to the high ranking officers of Military.

Jean understands that it was the reason why Nicolo charges for the wine earlier because he was protecting the Scouts from drinking it. Nicolo is not fully sure that it contains Zeke’s spinal fluid.

In the next room, Gabi asks Mikasa that why they are protecting her because she killed one of their friends and attacked the prison guard. Gabi urges that they should kill her rather than Falco and Armin says that they don’t have such kind of plan. Gabi still thinks that they want to kill both of them and Armin noticed that Gabi only knows killing, nothing else. Eren came into the room and he is showing his bleeding hand.

In the room, Hange and Jean are washing the mouth of Falco to clean the wine from his body. They saw Floch is holding a gun on Onyankopon. Jaegerists soldiers are in the room and putting the rifles on the Scouts. Floch tells that Hange should take them to Zeke. Hange replies that she don’t have any intentions to fight with their fellow soldiers. Floch says that the Jaegerists won’t negotiate with the military. Eren already knows that Dot Pyxis will not give the full control of the walls to Eren and the military is planning to take the Founding Titan from Eren.

Jean is wondering how the Jaegerists knows the Scouts are here and Nicolo realize that his fellow chef Greiz are with the Jaegerists. Geriz reveals that he was very obsessed with the Eldians. Hange tried to Floch by explaining that Zeke’s spinal fluid is spread in the military people and that is the part of Zeke’s plan. Floch concludes that it will make the Military Police officers into bigger idiots. Hange thinks that she didn’t mention Military Police and realize that Floch already knew about this.

Floch knocks on the next room door where Eren is with Mikasa and Armin, Floch says that they are going ahead. Eren is on the table with Mikasa, Armin and Gabi and tells that he wants to talk with them.

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