Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 English Subbed

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Mikasa and Armin are sitting with Gabi on the table and she asks why they are protecting her when she killed her fellow soldier and the guard. Gabi asks about Falco that he may taken free and kill her. Armin reminds that Gabi’s ideology is similar with Eren. Eren came suddenly in the room and he raises his hand, he showed his palm which is sliced by a knife and bleeding.

Eren said to Armin and Mikasa that he wants quietness in the room and Eldia’s problem will be solved soon without any battle. Eren request to everyone to put their hands on the table during the whole conversation. Armin asks Eren that Zeke and Yelena are the actual reasons that he had launched the attack on Marley. Eren replies that he is free and doing all these things on his own will.

Mikasa thinks that he is controlled by Zeke and she recalls when Eren saved her from the kidnapers who killed her parents in the childhood. Eren ignores this and tells that he learned many good things from Zeke when he was in Marley. Eren asks Armin that he is still visiting to Annie’s crystal. Eren adds that if they play the role a guy then the memories of the past person will become the part of his life and that means a part of Bertholdt is living with Armin.

Mikasa interrupts and Eren claims that the Ackermann had the history to protect Eldia’s king. In the childhood Eren ordered Mikasa to fight with the kidnappers and she fights. This show Ackermann’s physical abilities and she accepts Eren as her host.

Eren claims that Ackermann always find themselves in fighting with self at some times and that create headache for them. Armin is seeing that Mikasa hurts and he tells Eren to stop. Eren ignores Armin and reminds that he hate a person who is not free because they are like livestock. Eren calls them both that they are slaves and he hates Mikasa since he was a kid.

Mikasa starts crying and Armin charges over Eren to attack him. Armin is stopped by Mikasa and slammed on the table. Armin charges over Eren again and this time he delivers. Eren beats Armin and he mentions that they both were never in a fight ever. Eren beats the shit out of Armin and orders that they will be taken for Shiganshina District.

In the Forest of Giant Trees, Captain Levi meets the members of the Scouts on the trees and reminds Dot Pyxis’s plan. Levi tells that they will capture a Jaegerists and transfer Zeke’s power in him. Captain Levi orders the soldier to go and inform Pyxis about his orders.

Zeke asks if there is any wine left in the camp but Captain Levi replies in negative. Zeke tells that Captain Levi always came with worst punishments. Captain Levi walking slowly to kill Zeke and he is confident that he can’t get away because there are almost thirty Scouts in the forest. Captain Levi recalls when he promise Commander Erwin that he will fulfill the vow to kill the Beast Titan. Captain Levi noticed that Zeke is running in the forest. Zeke is screaming and running through the forest. Captain Levi is horrified because the Scouts are falling from the trees and transforming into Titans.

There is a sensation goes in the military headquarters due to Zeke’s scream but that is not enough for them to transform. A carriage is driven by the Jaegerists, Falco wakes up and he feels like an electric shock was given to her body. Hange realize that the wine contains the spinal fluid of Zeke and he must used his power in the forest.

In the forest, Zeke is leaving Captain Levi is facing the Scouts who are transformed into Titans. Zeke asks Levi that if he will cut apart his own Squad who have done nothing wrong. Captain Levi realize that the wine contains the spinal fluid of Zeke and his all soldiers was happy to drink it.

The titans are moving quickly and seems more intelligent than the ordinary titans. Captain Levi thinks that it is due to Zeke’s influence on them. Captain Levi speeds on climbing the tree. He is forced to fight with the titans to survive. Captain Levi found himself a culprit that if he knows Zeke’s intentions he may save his Squad.

Zeke states that he is disappointed that he and Captain Levi never trust each other because they came from different worlds and that’s why Captain Levi never understand that the world is preparing for an attack on the Paradis Island. A titan is carrying Zeke in its lap and he recalls that his half brother Eren is the only person who understands him. Zeke is thinking if Eren can remember the place where the two of them are meeting.

Before Zeke escape the forest, Captain Levi full of bloodied and anger catches Zeke. Captain Levi is armed with thunder spears. Zeke have one titan and orders him to attack on Captain Levi, but Captain slices down the titan. Zeke is in horror that it is Captain Levi again. The last chance for Zeke and he is transformed into the Beast titan and he use the skulls of dead titan and throws at Captain Levi. The Beast Titan noticed that there are nothing around him and he asks Captain Levi that he killed his own men.

Captain Levi is hiding in the trees and he is using the trees as a diversion. Captain Levi says that Zeke only have to sit and read the books but he thinks that Captain Levi won’t kill his own men. Captain Levi reveals that he was wrong because he have no idea how many of his friends from The Scouts get killed that’s why he is here. He fires the Thunder Spear in Beast Titan’s nape and Zeke is wounded coming out of the titan’s nape. Captain Levi grabs Zeke’s body and drags with him by saying he will not kill him yet.

In Shiganshina District, Keith Sadies is preparing the 109th Cadet Corps against the titans. Some of the cadets among the Corps finds that it is nothing because there enemies are not only titans but also the humans outsdide the walls. One of the Cadet whispers in other’s ear that they should start training to use the guns and made an Eldian Army. The cadet got a feeling that their Commandant Keith Sadies is still in the past. Another cadets tells that being a Jaegerists is their best chance to serve their nation and they want a leader who can make tough decisions.

They are interrupted and Floch is arrived with some Jaegerists, there is Hange who is captive with them. Floch points a gun on Keith and says that they will follow his orders from now on. Keith don’t take him seriously and Floch fires a shot near his foot. Floch tells he don’t have any personal issues with Sadies and he calls to join the Jaegerists from the Cadet Corps. Floch announce if any of the Cadets are willing to save Eldia and wants Eren as their leader can join them.

A few cadets step forward and salutes Floch to give their hearts for Eldia. Floch orders the new Jaegerists to beat Keith until he can’t stand. After a short while Keith is on the ground and Floch congratulates the new Cadets. Floch tells Hange to lead them to Zeke.

The members of the Scouts are in a prison near the restaurant. Zeke wakes up in a wagon and heavily injured and Captain Levi is sitting on a bench near him. Captain Levi tells him not to move because a thunder spear is impaled on his stomach and spear’s detonator is attached with his neck. If Zeke moves then the detonator will blows the spear. Zeke is looking on his body’s condition and vomiting. Captain Levi draw his blades.

Captain Levi cuts Zeke’s foot and Zeke is screaming. Captain Levi tells him to shut his mouth and he is doing this otherwise he will turn into a titan. Captain Levi said that he is unsympathetic and should not need Zeke. Zeke goes unconscious and he remembers the childhood when he was playing catch with Tom Xaver. Xaver asked if Zeke if he will become a pitcher when he grew up. Young Zeke replied that he have to do a mission.

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