Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 English Subbed

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Grisha and Dina takes their young son Zeke on the top of the tower which is outside the Liberio Internment Zone and showing him the city where they lives. Grisha tells Zeke that they are Eldians and forced to live inside a birdcage and can’t see the rest of the world. He asks Zeke if he wants to leave that place and Zeke replies that he does.

They are found by a man who saw their armbands and realize that they are Eldians. The man threw water on them and calls Eldians past crimes and tells that they should been exterminated rather than giving birth to the children. They are walking on the streets and all the Marleyans are commenting on them. Grisha hugs his son and tells him that it is the respect for them in the outer world, if he can’t bare this then he have to change it.

The new batch for the Warrior candidates are in the training. Tom Xaver asks who will be the successor for him. He noticed that Zeke is way behind than the other candidates and Theo Magath comments for Zeke that he don’t have the guts to be a Warrior.

After the training, Parents of Zeke takes him to his grandparents, they ask Zeke about his training. Zeke tells that the training was really tough but his parents are confident that he will become a Warrior one day because he got special power and most importantly he is their son. Zeke enters the house of his grandparents and Zeke hears the conversation between his grandfather and parents. Mr. Jaeger asks that the meetings they are going every night is important than spending time with Zeke, Dina trusts that one day Zeke will understand that we are doing all these things only for him.

Mr. Jaeger tells Zeke about the fall of Lago, Marleyan city which was destroyed by the Titan 1200 years ago and it continues with the destroy of Monte. It wiped out all the Eldian Empire in a single day and thousands of Marleyans were killed.

Zeke in not interested in the story and his grandfather is wondering that Grisha is teaching him true Eldia’s history or not. Zeke replied that Grisha is telling him the same things he learned in school. Mr. Jaeger asks Zeke that he wants to be a Warrior and fight for Marley. Zeke accepts and he is taken to bed by Mr. Jaeger.

Few days passed away and Zeke completes his training and noticed that a father and son are playing in the street. Zeke wants to do same with his father so he goes to his father, who always teach him the history. In the training, he is not doing good and he leaves the training area with low spirit. Zeke spots a baseball is coming toward him and Xaver called him to throw the ball back. Xaver noticed that Zeke is good in throwing and he offers to play baseball with him. He introduced hiself, Xaver Titan Researcher and the holder of Beast Titan. Zeke smiles and Xaver tells that he is good in throwing and they both played catching the whole day.

The Marleyan soldiers are close to discover the Eldian Restorationists and the reaction from Grisha, Zeke goes to Xaver for the advice. He advised that the best thing is that he should go to the Marleyan Soldiers and report for his parents because they were treating his child poorly over the years. Zeke done the same as advised by Xaver.

The time passed and Xaver’s health issues are going more and he revealed that he discovered the Founding Titan with his researches. Xaver says that he is trying to run away from his sins by using the power of the Beast Titan but he wonders if it was better he never born in this world. Zeke promised Xaver that he will inherit his Beast Titan and take the Founder away from Eldia and Marley. After doing this the people of the world will be free from the titans.

Xaver also reveals that how he get around Karl Fritz’s vow to renounce the war. If the titan from royal blood came into contact with the person who holds the Founding Titan, they can draw out the power. Zeke can’t use the power himself. The decision will remain with the individual who got the Founding Titan. Xaver tells that Zeke should think of himself as a key who can find the individual who may be trusted by him.

After some time, Zeke ate Xaver and inherit the Beast Titan. He also puts the Xaver’s glasses and calls him father, he promised that he will find a trusting guy to complete their plan.

When Reiner informs that Eren have the Founding Titan by his father who was a doctor and still missing. Zeke realized that Eren is his half brother and his father is not died, he was sent to the Paradis Island. He realize that his father done the same thing with him and Eren. Zeke promised himself that he will rescue Eren from the Paradis Island.

After Years, Zeke met with his half brother in Marley, Eren was as a injured soldier in the city. Eren tells Zeke that he obtained his father’s memories and Grisha killed the Reiss family to make sure that he will take the Founding Titan. Eren understands that if any of Reiss children remain alive then he should fed them to regain the Founding Titan. They are still alive because Reiss family’s children are died.

Eren said that he was not fully happy with Grisha’s plan but if the Eldains was never born none of them should have been suffer like. Eren is ready to cooperate with Zeke’s plan.

In the cart, Zeke finished the memories of Xaver, Captain Levi tells that Zeke may be eaten by a Titan and that will be merciful for him after killing so many soldiers of Squad Levi. Zeke says that he saved the lives of those children who will birth after some time in this cruel world.

Captain Levi stops the wagon and he cuts Zeke’s growing legs again. Zeke screams out for Xaver and he moves his head back, the movement triggers the detonator of Thunder spear and it is launched in Zeke’s abdomen. Captain Levi is in the air and Zeke’s body is split in part due to the heavy explosion.

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