Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 English Subbed

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Floch and the Jaegerists are escorting Hange and heading to the location of Zeke. They hear a sudden explosion and are wondering what it may be. Hange recognized that it is the explosion of a Thunder Spear. Zeke Jaeger which is heavily wounded by Captain Levi’s Thunder Spear. Zeke is almost dead and one of the titan’s created by Zeke grabs him to its body. The titan apart Zeke and picks its corpse to its stomach.

In Shiganshina, Yelena and Jaegerists are with Commander Doy Pyxis and the Eldian Military Members are tied with different color of armbands. Pyxis confirms that it is may be for the identification regarding the wine. Yelena stares at Pyxis and tells them they have to trust Zeke and now they will be punished for their actions against him.

Some of the Scouts are in the prison with Nicolo and Braus family, they are having tea. Conny asks Armin that if he can use his Colossal Titan to get them out. Armin replies that he can but it may blast the entire city. Jean asks why Eren beats him in the restaurant and Armin replies that Eren hurts Mikasa verbally that’s why he attacked Eren. Jean asked what Eren said to Mikasa but Mikasa refused to continue this conversation. Jean angrily said that Eren should not have done this without a good reason and he wonders that if something is going in Eren’s mind.

Yelena, Onyankopon and Greiz arrived at the prison cell and Yelena greets the Scouts as the heroes of Shiganshina. Conny tells Onyankopon that he sides with Yelena, he replies that he is unsympathetic. Jean realize that Yelena is sounding good and he thinks that Zeke’s plan is going good as their expectations. They attacked Marley, and the Marleyans got the support of Eldian people. They used the wine to spread the spinal fluid of Zeke’s to control our Military. If they got succeed to grab the Founding Titan, they may destroy the Paradis Island. Jean thinks that may be this is the actual reason why they came to Paradis Island.

Onyankopon tells that they civilized this island almost a century ago. Greiz mocks the Scouts and calls Nicolo a rat. Greiz is in anger and he repeatedly recalling Nicolo’s love for Sasha and insulting her. Yelena shoots Greiz with a headshot. She bows and offers her apology to the prisoners. She clarify that the if anyone will curse the Eldians as devils, the cause will be the same for them. The Anti Marleyan Volunteers never have any kind of revenge with the Eldians. They have to save both Eldia and Marely, the hate between them should be removed. Yelena tells that Zeke’s plan is the same as she explains.

In the prison, Gabi is surprised that Eren appeared to her with two Jaegerists. Eren orders Gabi to cooperate with him if she wants Falco alive, one of the soldiers put knife on the neck of other soldier. The soldier is Pieck and she puts Eren on the gunpoint and close the door. Pieck is aiming the gun on Eren, she orders gabi to take the rifle of the dead soldier and point it on Eren. Pieck tells Eren to take his hands out of his pockets or she will shoot him if he won’t cooperate. Eren calls that if truly wanted to kill him, she already have done. Pieck’s mission is to capture the Founding Titan and it means that she can’t kill him without eating. If she shot him than her entire family may be in danger. Pieck removes her gun and tells that she had another reason why she is not firing. Eren have the Founding Titan and he can defeat Marley.

Pieck tells to Eren that she became a Warrior because she have to giver her father a bunch of happiness before her titan’s term ends. To give the happiness she have to destroy Marley and she needs his help. Gabi understands the fact that Zeke planned the attack on Liberio, and now may be Pieck is following Zeke and becomes a traitor. Gabi asks Pieck for what she is fighting.

Piecks asks Gabi that is she a Marleyan or Eldian, and Gabi replies that she is Honorary Marleyan. Pieck replies that they are the Subjects of Ymir and that is the truth. No matter what Gabi says but they are the people who can always turn into titans. They are always proving to be good Eldians but may be they never free.

Eren asks Pieck to prove her willingness to Eren and then he may help her. She asks Eren to show where the infiltrators are in the town. Eren tells that they have to go on the roof to tell her. In the cell, the Scouts are analyzing the euthanasia plan of Zeke. Yelena calls that the battle will be ended in peace. The royal family and The Founding Titan will maintain all things, Historia already had a successor. The founding titan will be passed to the child.

Jean doubts that the plan will work and Yelena admits that there is no fully guarantee but she is assured that Zeke and Ere will end the threat of the titans from this world. They will leave a big impact on this world, when they are gone. Armin breaks down and crying, a soldier came to Yelena and informs her about enemy infiltrators.

The Jaegerists are in ODM Gear and it makes enough noise that Nile Dawk noticed in the cell where Falco and other soldiers are.

Eren takes Pieck and Gabi on the main hall and Pieck is waving at the crowd of Jaegerists soldiers, the Jaegerists include Galliard. Eren reveals that Falco is here and he is affected by Zeke’s spinal fluid. Pieck asks Eren if he can tell why Zeke has the ability of spinal fluid. Pieck feels that Zeke is not upfront with his fellow Warriors.

They reach the roof and Pieck grabs Gabi and heads outside and Yelena warns Eren to not trust Pieck. Eren says he don’t trust her and the feeling is mutual. He points Pieck to the enemy’s position. Pieck smile at Gabi and she turns around at Eren. Galliard’s Jaw Titan attacks Eren to capture him with titan’s jaws. Jaw Titan fails to capture Eren and severs his legs at knees. Eren transforms into Founding Titan before Jaw Titan attacks him again. Galliard is on the roof and saves Pieck and Gabi from the heat of Eren’s transformation.

Gabi is surprised again that Pieck is not betraying Marley. Pieck tells that she don’t trust Marley but she trusts her Marleyan friends. Pieck tells Gabi to look up, she saw three airships fleeing over the city led by Magath. Magath saw that the smoke signal from Pieck and Galliard, he orders the soldiers that they found the Founding Titan. Magath is determined that it is the time to get the revenge for Liberio. Eren saw the airship and fully prepared to face them.

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