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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 English Subbed

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The Marley’s Victory at Fort Slava and Theo, Zeke, Colt are attending a meeting with the generals who are not happy that the rest of the world is talking about the almost defeat of the Marley’s titans in the war. He asked everybody’s opinion on this matter. Commander Magath admits that the era of titans are almost gone because everybody is trying to invent new weapons against them. The reliance on the Titans caused that they are still underdeveloped in defense. The technology of aircraft advance and the titans will be unable to do anything but watch the things.

Zeke shares that they should resume the Paradis Island Operation to recover the Founding Titan and it will buy some time for Marley to restructure and update their weapons and defense. The general listen and tells that Zeke only have one year left of his term. Zeke confirms that there is only one year and he is concerned that Colt will not inherit the full powers of the Beast Titan from him. Before his term ends, he wished to recover the mistakes he has done in the Paradis Island four years ago.

After the meeting, Colt asks about Zeke’s ability he heard during the general meeting despite he is Eldian. He also notes that Zeke will not be replaced and he is the strongest Beast Titan ever, he reminds about Founding Titan and Zeke is very special. Zeke told Colt that he will found big secret about him when he will inherits his memories.

Magath arrived and he interrupts their conversation and asks Zeke that if the thinks he can conquer Paradis in one year. Every ship which was sent to Paradis of Marley are failed to return in the last three years. Magath asks Zeke that what he thinks about. Marley lost total 32 ships. Zeke believes that the work can’t be done by a single titan, so Paradis must have two titans for them. Marley requires the titan’s support to attack the island and they have to watch the Scout Regiment also.

Reiner wakes up by a nightmare and he was dreaming about the battle in Shiganshina District. At the near desk, Porco informs Reiner that he will let him sleep because he thinks he was having a good dream. Reiner thanks him that he saves his life at Fort Slava but Galliard told him that he if he had the one to inherit Armored Titan nine years ago, none of these things would have happened also the death of his brother.

Galliard not able to see his brother’s memories himself but still he seen enough through Ymir who got the Jaw Titan before him. Galliard asks Reiner that he was doing on the island. Ymir’s memories showed that Reiner was proving that he is a reliable guy, the same like Galliard’s brother.

Pieck enters the room and told Galliard that he should not pick the people who took cannons to their face. From the last two months now she is a human and it is long enough to forget how to walk on two legs. Pieck tells Reiner that he should watch Gabi and the other children because they are worried about him.

In the harbor, Udo is wondering that what will happen to the Warriors and Eldians as general if the Titans will be not useful in the battle. He also thinks that the Middle East Soldiers who were defeated and feared, when they will go home and tells the stories about titans about inhumane Titan war actually was, it makes things worse for the Eldians. The other Warriors don’t shares the level of fear and he is upset by thinking all these things until Reiner came to calm him down.

The kids are running to Reiner, and they are happy that he is alright after the battle. Gabi shares the news that they will returning to their Liberio soon, and she suggest that they will walk in the streets. Gabi drags Reiner away from other children and Falco tells that Reiner should be resting now. Reiner replies that he is alright and Falco joins Reiner and the rest of the group. He is watching the four of them and he reminds his fellow Warriors of the same age.

In the night, a train came back to Liberio, a drunken Person and he is praising the surviving army members, the person praises Gabi that he destroys the train in the battle at Fort Slava. Reiner and Falco are watching the festivals and Reiner notes that Gabi will inherit his Armored Titan. Falco notes that it means Gabi will leave twenty seven, and doubts that she will lived in front of cannons. He also asks Reiner if he will be fine with that.

Reiner reminds Falco harshly that it is an honor to inherit one of the Nine Titan and he should think about the consequences with him if the reports his dissatisfaction to the military seniors. Falco is terrified and he reminds his commitment that he is desiring to inherit the Armored Titan over Gabi. Reiner is satisfied and asks Falco that he should do hard work to inherit his Armored Titan so he will chosen over Gabi.

Gabi is celebrating the returning to her hometown and the other Warriors are walking to their home. Falco looks at Reiner and he is wondering that he should trust him and he also wants that Eldians should be free from the war. The Eldians returns to their hometown and Galliard tells Falco to take it easy but Falco is determined to return back to the training tomorrow, and Gabi feels that it may be an attempt to boost up his grades.

All are reuniting with their families. Zeke meets his grandparents, and they are praising Zeke though he thinks that he has not done enough yet. Reiner and Gabi are greeted by all people and Falco is distracted when he saw the wounded Eldians who are escorted away. Koslow explains to Falco that they are traumatized due to the war. Falco moves to try the soldiers who are still in shock and he assists one soldier who wears the armband in his wrong arm.

Reiner and his family are having dinner at home and Gabi recalls that how she single handedly destroyed the artillery train and Reiner’s mother is impressed with Gabi and asks her son that if she can become a Warrior. Reiner assures that he is very certain that Gabi will inherit his Armored Titan. Reiner’s titan is happy that the second member of their family will become a warrior. She also reminds that the inhabitants of the Paradis Island are keeping them away from happiness. His uncle tells a question about the island and Gabi tells him that Reiner don’t want to talk about his time on the island. Reiner tells that he will share some things.

He creates a story about Marley’s propaganda and how they have experienced it. He tells that an Eldian who eaten a stolen potato during the ceremony he attempts to bribe the senior and she caught away. He describes about the people he met on the island was an idiot who forgets how to go to the bathroom, an jerk who only care about himself, and a person who only cares what other thinks about him and a single minded guy who charges ahead and all fellow followed him blindly. Reiner says that these people made his days true hell.

Gabi is puzzled by the description of Reiner’s about the Paradis island people. Reiner’s mother agrees and she reminds that the island devils will turn their world into hell. It is the duty of the Eldians to ensure that the Paradis People should not leave their island.

The next day, Reiner and Gabi are walking on the streets of Liberio’s internment zone. Gabi tells Reiner that his mother noticed that he is changed since he came back. Reiner explains that it is natural because he left when he was 12 years old and returned as a grown man, but Gabi notices that Reiner is lying.

Zeke attends a meeting for the warriors with Colt in his room. Galliard asks that where all the Marleyan Officers are and Zeke tells that they all are not in this room and they all should meet for tea now. They should meets like in a casual meeting. Zeke makes clear that they should obtain the Founding Titan and all the resources of Paradis Island to secure the future of Marley and the living of Eldians in Marley.

Someone have to sell the story about the various threats by Paradis and Zeke replies that it should be the Tybur Family. The reason is they hold the War Hammer Titan and they are influential in driving the King in the Titan War. The world will surely listen to them, but Galliard is thinking that why they will came and sell this story. They lives in huge mansions not like them.

Zeke understands Gilliard’s view and tell him that the Tyburs are always concerned for Marley. He explains that there will be a festival in Liberio city soon which have the guests from abraod. The Tyburs will announce how to capture Paradis in the festival.

Marleyan officers are listening the conversation of the warriors in other room. Most of them are satisfied with the meeting of the Warriors. Reiner seems doubtful but he suspiciously looking at the phonograph and leaves the room. Next day, Reiner saw Gabi and Falco are training and asking who will return back from the Paradis Island.

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