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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 English Subbed

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Karina Braun is near young Reiner and explaining him that why his father is not with them. Reiner’s father was a Marleyan and you know about the relationship between Eldians and Marleyans which is forbidden, this is the reason why he is not with them. Karina wished that they should have been Marleyan. In the present, Reiner is in room and recalling how he became a warrior so he and his mother could be a Marleyan from Eldian.

One day after the training, Zeke announced that his fellow candidates were attacked on the Paradis Island. This time the next warriors to be chosen after some time. They have only six of the seven candidates who are chosen to inherit the titans. Reiner is amazed that soon he will become a Marleyan. Porco annoyed and reminds Reiner that the only positive thing is that as a candidate he got loyalty but it not good enough to gain one of the seven titans.

Reiner believes that Porco is sharing views for Warrior’s mission and he threatens to report about Porco to commander. Porco strikes him in anger and Galliard separates both. Bertholdt helps Reiner to stand up who is still thinking that he might not be chose for one of the Titans. Bertholdt gave confidence to Reiner that still there is chance for him that he can be chose for loyalty.

Both runs to catch their friends. Bertholdt asks Reiner that if he is okay to become a Marleyan because it means that he will live only thirteen years. Reiner replies that in thirteen years he will be a hero and defeats all the devils of the Paradis Island and make his mother proud. On Paradis Island, Young Eren is watching the sky and hoping that something interesting should happen in his life and Armin came to Eren with a book in his hand.

The new warriors use their Titans in the battle and Marleyan is observing them from a distance. They are observing the abilities of the Female, Armored, Jaw, Beast, Cart and Colossal Titan. Magath tells that the new warrior outperformed their previous holder of titans but still he is worried about the idea of sending children to regain the Founding Titan.

Porco is furious that Reiner should inherited the Armored Titan despite he is the worst candidate for it. Reiner replies that Porco was the worst choice for the Armored Titan in actual and Marcel should restrain his brother to attack on Reiner and not to defy the military’s decision. Porco is crying and Marcel apologized for Porco’s behavior to Reiner.

A parade was held for the four chose warriors and Reiner spotted his father in the crowd. Reiner followed his father to his kitchen. He explained that he and his mother are Marleyans now and they should have live together with his father. His father tells him to leave and Reiner’s heritage is revealed and his entire family will be killed for this.

The Warriors arrived at Paradis Island and the warriors are travelling to the walls on horse. They camps in the middle of the night and Bertholdt is wondering that is is true that the king of the walls will not unleash the Founding Titan if they broke the wall. Reiner replies that he should believe in Marley’s research and he starts worry that his fellow warriors are having second thoughts for the mission. He reminds about all the harm brought to the world by the Paradis Island.

Marcel apologized to Reiner and confused him by saying that Porco was the one who should inherit the Armored Titan. Reiner was chosen when Marcel criticized Porco in front of Military and takes favor of Reiner to keep his brother safe. Reiner feels that Porco is dumb because he don’t react to a titan. The sun rises and a titan rose up into the ground and attacks on Reiner but he is saved by Marcel who pushed Reiner aside and he is grabbed by the Titan now. The remaining warriors are running because Marcel was killed.

After running for a while, Reiner stopped near a tree and catching his breath. He noticed that it was he who get to be killed today and he is crying that Annie and Bertholdt may have killed also. Reiner gets a kick from Annie and she observes that it is the first time when Reiner beats her in a foot race. Annie told them they should have caught by the titan if they won’t run from the place.

Annie ordered both of them to follow her and retreat for the new holder of the Jaw Titan and then return back again. They should go back and tell them that the mission was a failure. Reiner tells that they can’t return and Annie replies that he was the only who can’t go back because he will be forced to give up his titan to others due to his failures.

Reiner makes a point that all three of them are fails today so he is not the only one who will be punished for the failure. It will be pointless to pursue the Jaw Titan’s new owner because none of the new Warriors are ready and fast to catch the Jaw Titan form. Bertholdt asks that how a person can learn to use the full power of the titan. Reiner tells him that he should focus on the Colossal Titan and master his powers. Reiner urges that the only way is to ensure that they will not be punished is that they should return with the Founding Titan. Reiner concludes that they have no home without the Founding Titan.

Annie is angry that Reiner is not following her orders and thinks that the thing Reiner said might be true. Annie’s own life is not guaranteed without the Founding Titan. Annie lost her temper and attacks Reiner, she is continuously kicking Reiner on his face. Annie tells that she wants to go home. Annie is walking away and Reiner attack her on behind and knocks on the ground. Reiner strangles her and told her that Reiner is dead and he will become Marcel now. He told that they will finish their mission and then go to their hometown.

They use the Colossal Titan to break the hole in wall Maria and Bertholdt exits his titan and terrified that a titan is approaching to him. The titan ignores Bertholdt. Reiner made his way in the Shiganshina District as Armored Titan. He is motivated as a Warrior and determined on Marcel’s decision to sacrifice himself for him. Reiner do not want this mission unsuccessful and he charged at Shiganshina’s inner gate and destroys it.

Annie awakes in a refugee camp in Wall Rose with Reiner and Bertholdt. Reiner embraced his fellow warriors and vows to become the real warriors. They met a man in a small village in Wall Maria which was suffered by the Titans. He tells that he heard the titan’s footsteps and opened a window and finds that a titan is staring at him. The man claims that he didn’t remember after this and escapes on his horse and leaves his three children behind. After a day the man found on hanging by a tree and he commits suicide.

The Three joined the Paradis Military and placed as 104th Cadet Corps. On the first day, Reiner was asked by commandant on the first day that why he joined military and Reiner told him that he will save humanity. One day Annie met a member of the Military Police. She attempts to convince the man that she is his illegitimate daughter and wants to reconnect with him. The man grabs her ploy. Annie fled and successful to escapes from the man.

104th Cadet Corps find that Bertholdt sleeps in a bizarre position. On the same night Annie tells Reiner and Bertholdt about the encounter with that man. She is afraid that her face was seen by the man and she suggests that they should return to Marley and give the little information they got. Reiner is not agree and argues that the small information will not help them. He proposed to destroy the Wall Rose because it is the only way to find the Founding Titan. Annie tells Reiner that his friends will die in it but Reiner replies that he don’t even care for his fellow cadets. They three headed back to the camp, Bertholdt reveals that he was dreaming about the victim who suicides and tells them a story.

In the training, ODM training was going on and Reiner noticed that Eren can’t control his ODM gear. He goes to Eren and convince him to take a break before he get killed. Eren is frustrated and he asks Reiner that what he should do to prove himself. Reiner recalls his struggles as a Warrior and he replies that Eren must not be discouraged and should move forward. Reiner helps Eren to bring him on his feet and encourage him to kill all the titans.

Falco walks near a hospital where the soldiers are adjusting their armbands. He invites a boy to sit down near him. The soldier tells Falco that he does not suffer from mental illness like the other patients. A man asks Falco about his injuries and training. Falco is feared that he will not successful to inherit the Armored Titan. The man makes a point that Falco will have a good life and not die.

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