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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 English Subbed

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Reiner is running for Falco in the town. He asked where he is going and Falco replies that he left something in the headquarters and going to retrieve it but in real he is going to mail a letter outside the internment zone for Kruger, the disabled soldier had met when he returns to Liberio.

In the evening, Theo learns by Koslow that the Tybur family is coming for the visit. The two goes to met the Tybur family and he notes that there are Tybur’s personal guards which are not a part of the Marleyan Military. They are greeted by the current head of the family, Willy Tybur who introduces them to the rest of the family.

They were speaking privately and Willy asks Magath that if he able to tell which Tybur is holding the powers of War Hammer Titan. Magath replies that he is not wondering if the titan is standing with them. Willy assured him that he is absolutely right. Willy tells Magath that he came here with his family to see the statue of Helos who is the hero of Marleyan who controls the devil of Earth and renowned as the hero who saved the world.

Willy admires the craftmanship of the statues and tells that it is a symbol of Marleyan spirit and Magath agreed with Willy. Willy is happy and Magath tells that the statue is empty from inside, Will calls that he is a tough critic. He asks the plans of Magath about reinstate Marley’s conscription policy. Magath recalls that the war is too far and tiring for Marleyan and the battles which are fought by Titans, they only get the news in the papers.

Willy tells that the Tybur family is may be an ache for Magath and he suspects that he is controlling Marley now. Magath insists that Marely’s history in the war has always amazing and the Tyburs gave their nation a great power and freedom. Willy ignores the negativity between Marley and Eldia and tells that it is Tybur’s responsibility but he assures Magath he will reveal the truth on the upcoming festival celebration. He is not lying that he came specially for the statue but he still believes that Marley needs a hero again and Marleyans should try to produce another hero.

In the Military meeting, Reiner explains the various methods to invade Paradis Island. He describes the benefits and weakness in details but the others are noticing that Reiner is not happy because he don’t have a proper plan and that’s why it is not worthy to letting an Eldian talk. The Warriors goes out and questions the leadership of Reiner and the other candidates are watching the race. Falco was successful to overtake Gabi in the race and the candidates are celebrating Falco’s win. Colt can’t believe that his brother defeated Gabi in the race.

The candidates are going for home but Gabi shows her frustration on today’s race and Falco’s determination to beat her. She points that the Grice Family will made the Honorary Marleyans and Colt inherits the Beast Titan, she can’t understand why Falco is trying hard for the titan. Falco admits that he is doing for her and it confuses Gabi and she is thinking that why he is doing for her and getting in her way as a competitor.

Falco is running and the remaining candidates are visiting the festival stage which is under construction in the Libero Internment Zone. This is the place Tybur Family will announce their plan for the war against Paradis in front of all. Udo is thinking that if the world will join the forces against Marley than they can defeat us. Talking about his experience outside the internment zone, he knows that the Eldians are hated more outside the Marley city. Still Gabi is hoping that she will be chose and that will help the world to understand the Eldians more.

Magath gives a book to Willy and he noticed that a large scale demolition is required for Paradis. Willy congratulates Magath and told him that it is his military. Magath replies him that the military serves the nation and the nation’s commander is Willy. Willy understands and realize that why the previous Tyburs not had the good relationship with the Marleyans. He assures that he is the one who will carry their relationship ahead.

In the hospital, Falco visits Kruger and congratulates him that he beats Gabi. He also noticed a baseball mitt on Kruger and he asks that it was sent by his family. Kruger tells that his family thinks a hospital might not be as boring as his life is but still he is happy with the current work. He told Falco that after the festival he is going back to his home.

Falco see a doctor is coming so he decides to leave and the doctor sits with Kruger. The doctor introduces that he is Jaeger, a physician for the internment zone who came here to drink tea. Jaeger tells Kruger about the history of Falco’s family and reveals that his uncles was in the Eldian Restorationists. Colt and Falco were agreed some years ago to trained as Warriors to protect their family.

Jaeger urges that he should stop using Falco for him because if Falco came under any kind of suspicion than his family will be wiped out. Jaeger suggests Kruger that he should return to his family if he is mentally healthy because he will not able to see them after some time and that will give the regrets to him for his entire life.

Kruger suspects that Jaeger is regretting the same, so he asks about it and Jaeger admits that he regrets it everyday. He believes that he was responsible for his children and his son wants to become a doctor like him. Jaeger screaming and two nurses of the hospital escort him away.

On the night of the festival, Warriors are preparing themselves as a servant to the ambassadors from abroad who came to Liberio. Udo is frustrated because some of the guests are speaking bad for the Eldians. Accidentally he spills wine on the dress of a lady ambassador. She is worried for Udo and the ambassador tells that she had spilled on herself, she tells Udo to keep quiet.

In the dinning hall, Willy is greeting the ambassadors with his old childhood friends. The Marleyan ambassador greets on the stage with an unwanted speech. He is aside by Willy, who gives another speech for the ambassadors. He expresses his desires to get the rid by the world of titans because it is concern of many nations. Willy announces in his speech that he will declare the solution tomorrow in theater production.

Next morning, Gabi wakes up and see that the internment zone is opened for the outsiders and there are food stalls everywhere. She joins the other Warriors who are exploring the festival, Reiner, Pieck and Galliard joins and Reiner is spending money to buy food for everyone. He looks at Gabi and smiles because she is having a good time in the festival. Gabi is stopped at a stall and Reiner drags her away.

In the night, the group is exploring the food stalls and they joins Colt and Zeke to their seats. Colt noticed that Falco is missing and Udo explains that Falco ran off because he saw anyone who knew him. Falco runs up after a second and calls for Reiner. Falco said to Reiner that he should come with him. Falco takes Reiner in a basement where he introduces to Kruger. Kruger tells that it has been four years since they saw each other. Reiner recognizes Kruger as Eren Jaeger.

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