Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 English Subbed

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On the back stage, Will Tybur is informed that it is the time to start the theater production. He is greeted by Azumabito and her bodyguards, she tells that he must look good due to his stage fright, he is looking very good today and her bodyguards are also aware about Will’s bravery. Azumabito wishes good luck to Willy and he appreciates.

In the basement, Eren tells Reiner to sit down. Eren knows that he can hear the stage from the room clearly and the basement is behind the stage. The houses near the basement are waiting for the curtains to rise and the theatre starts. Eren points for Reiner and reveals that his palm is injured and Reiner’s is in horror. Eren tells Reiner to sit and Reiner sits on a chair.

Azumabito and her bodyguards leaves the town and Karina meets to Annie’s father in the audience. They are talking and Mr. Leonhart tells that he heard of Bertholdt’s passing. Karins confirms that Mr. Hoover never hides how proud he is as a father by his son’s sacrifice. Karina suggests that may be Annie’s fate is same but her father believes that she promised him to came back alive.

The Warrior and Warrior Candidates are amazed that there is a huge Marleyan Military is present in the theater, with a huge number of abroad people and reporters. Pieck tells that our city must be the whole world’s spotlight today. The trumpets announced and the play starts. A soldier approaches near the Warriors saying that Theo Magath called for them in a room.

In the basement Falco realize that the play is started in the theatre and Reiner asks Eren that why he is in Marley. Eren replies that he is here for the same reason Reiner was in Shiganshina. Eren doesn’t have a choice and Reiner is break down and crying. Eren points to Reiner to listen the theater production.

Willy is on the theatre stage and he shares the story about the history of Eldian Empire. The Eldians ruled the world by the Power of the Titans and their titans killed so many people and almost kills the three times of humanity. They wiped out a lot of countries and culture. The Great Titan war began because the Eldians were out of the enemies and their families inheriting the eight out of nine Titan Powers in the war.

The Marleyan Hero Helos uses this advantage for the first time and he allows the enemies to kill one another and that’s why he joined the forces of Tybur family and forces Karl Fritz to run for Paradis Island. Still Karl Fritz got the power of the Founding Titan and with him millions of titans are running over the world. Marley sent four titans to the Paradis Island to kill the threat of the Founding Titan but they were defeated and only Armored Titan was return alive and it leaves the Eldian Empire alive.

The unknown soldier who is escorting Pieck, Porco and Zeke orders them that the soldiers should go to the gate and the others should follow him. Pieck feels that she surely seen the unknown soldier before and she asks where he came from. The soldier replied that he came from west near Lakua but still he is not interested in talking with the Eldians.

They are going to meet Magath and Pieck saw the Panzer unit, the soldiers of the Cart Titan. She stops and greet the soldiers and came back to follow the unknown soldier. The soldier takes both of them inside a building and Galliard asks where Magath is, the soldier take out a knife and cuts a rope on the door. It triggers a trapdoor and traps both Pieck and Galliard underground in the room.

In the basement, Falco is confused that Reiner is fearing by Eren but Falco thinks that they both were friends and he is wondering that how long they have not met. If they don’t met more than four years ago then they should have met each other on the Paradis Island and Falco don’t like that if thing can be true.

On the theater stage, Willy tells the story of the rest of the world and the truth is passed to Tybur’s family when they inherits the War Hammer Titan. In actual it was Karl Fritz who ended the war of the titan and saved the world.

Due to the violence, the King takes pity on Marley and attached with the Tybur Family and fabricates the hero Helos. The king moves and so many Eldians moved with him to the Paradis Island and closed the gates as the Wall. The king threatened the lives of his people and unleash the titans though the island’s peace was disturbed. The king made a vow to renounce war and his ideology will be carried down to their successors. When the day came Marley will come for the Founding Titan and he will accept it. He believes that Eldian sins can’t be atoned for.

Far from the theater, Magath takes a report of the Warriors and the soldiers sent for the other warriors which are missing. He have a search team which will look for the missing Warriors and they are wondering if the war is began. In the room trap basement, Galliard is wondering that he and Pieck are in trouble. Pieck is thinking that the trap should to restrain the Warriors. It will cramped to transform the titans without takes to death.

The crowd is whispering that they have to absorb Willy’s story and he explains that there is something coming from Paradis Island and the Founding Titan was stolen. He underestimates Karl Fritz for peace. There is a new threat for the whole of the world and that is Eren Jaeger. They renounced that the war can be prevented by the royal bloodline who can use the Founding Titan but is not applied on Eren. Eren is capable to activate unlimited Colossal Titan at any moment.

In the basement, Eren apologized to make Falco afraid and he explains the letter he sent were not for his family but for his fellow comrades. Eren tells Reiner as described by Willy that he is a bad guy who will destroy the world and Eren thinks by his point of view that the same is applied on Reiner and his friends who destroyed their city, so they are also the bad guys. Eren asks Reiner that why his mother was killed by a Titans and why Reiner broke the wall.

Reiner tells that it was the order to infiltrate the walls and takes the advantage of the fight. He was thinking that how the King will react if he will take the Founder Titan with him and save the world. Eren agrees that he reasons good and Reiner asks Eren that if he came here to make the people suffer and die them in the worst way like he said on the Paradis Island.

Eren is disappointed and he says that he saw everyone on the other side of the sea as their enemy but after seeing their world he understands Reiner’s view and the life he lived and share the food with his enemies. Eren saw in all countries there are good and bad people but in Reiner’s childhood he was taught by his superiors that the people in the walls are devils. As a kid Reiner was brainwashed and he don’t know anything about it.

Reiner falls to Eren’s knees and tells that Eren is wrong. Reiner tells that he forced Bertholdt and Annie wants to abort the mission after Galliard’s death but he wants to continues this mission. He wants to continue because his dream was to be respected by everyone in his hometown and seen as a hero, it was Reiner’s fault that Eren’s mother was eaten by a titan. Reiner asks Eren to kill him and finish the matter.

Willy admits that he resent his own blood and hoped that the extinction of the Eldians. He don’t want to die because he was born for this world. He knows about the diverse race in the other countries and the other nations should join them against the enemy. Willy believes that if they will work together, they can overcome over the enemy.

The audience applause, Eren stands up and tells Reiner that he and Reiner are the same. Eren shows his wounded hand and helps him to stand out. Eren is thinking that they were born like this way and will dead in the same way. They should have continue forward until their enemies are dead. Eren transforms into titan in front of Reiner. Reiner grabs Falco and protects him by the transformation.

Willy shouts the declaration of the war against Paradis Island, The Attack Titan emerges from Eren behind the stage and crashes Willy in his hand. He broke Willy’s body in the air.

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