Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 English Subbed

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Before Willy leaving for the festival, he calms his kids and bid his final farewell to his wife, children and the others. Willy Tybur was discussing the whole scenario of the festival with Theo Magath and he expects that the possibilty is high that Willy will be attacked during the event. Willy explains that his family is making efforts to make the social standing of Eldians better over the world and that’s why the world is focused on the movements going in the Paradis Island.

They are late and the enemies have crossed the ocean and arrived in Liberio. Willy is in doubut that some of the conspirators are aligned with the enemy of Paradis Island. The people of the island and their identity is not revealed in the city. Willy tells Magath about his plan that he will use himself and the Marleyan Military as a bait to lure the enemies to the theater. He will give speech in the internment zone and take time to analyze for the military if anything is going unusual.

Magath is concerned about the lives he is taking in the danger and they may be lost if the didn’t act well. Willy replied that there will be mostly the Eldians and Magath shouldn’t concerned about the lives of Eldians because they are useless. We will put the useless Marleyan officers in front and in the danger zone and the damage for Marley people will be decreased. Willy questions that why he is concerned about the live of the Descendants of the Devils because he has sent the titans many time for death in the battle.

Magath is hesitating to risk the lives of an asset like Willy but he points that if do not go on the stage and speak than there will be no gathering of the militaries, journalists and the ambassadors of abroad. It is very important the Eldians should add themselves with all of us as victims of an attack which was unexpected. It will gain the sympathy of the whole world. Willy and Magath shake hands and agree to go with the plan and the fact is true that the Eldians and Marleyans both are devils.

Eren kills Willy and in his titan form, he is charging to attack the people in front of the stands. The crowd is panicking and running to save their lives. Calvi is watching the titan and get killed. Colt grabs Gabi and Udo, they are running far from the danger zone. Udo tries to rescue Zofia but Colt tells him that he should move on because the other people are coming towards them and they will get crushed. Udo is crushed by the people and dead, his friends are in horror and take him behind a rock. The Attack Titan continues to attack and destroy the stage.

Lara is watching the situation closely and he thanks her brother Willy for his work as the head of the Tyburs. Lara transforms into the War Hammer Titan to battle against Eren. War Hammer attacks but Lara punches her in face and knocked her down. Commander Magath is watching them and his soldiers give the information to him that the War Hammer Titan is near the defeat. General Calvi and other military officers are assuming that the War Titan is dead and the Warriors are still missing. The soldiers asks the General to give the orders for the evacuation of the VIPs. Magath fires a shot from his rifle on the Attack Titan and he gives order to the soldiers to get prepared for the battle.

The battle between the Attack Titan and War Hammer Titan continues and War Hammer titan uses her power and makes a large spike from the ground and impale the Attack Titan in his abdomen and raised him above from the ground. Colt and Gabi are far enough from the danger zone and they stopped running, they are carrying Udo who is badly injured. Colt is not sure that Udo is alive or not but he tells that they should go to the hospital. Pieck and Galliard feels hears the rumblings of the battle.

Pieck guess that the titans are transformed and fighting. This was the reason why they are hear. The Panzer Unit came in the room to rescue Pieck and Galliard. Pieck reveals that she noticed the soldiers and she knows that he is luring them. She goes to the Panzer unit and tell to follow them and the suspicious man. Pieck and Galliard are taken out from the trap and they are informed by the soldier about the battle of Attack Titan and War Hammer Titan. Pieck orders her soldiers to prepare for the Cart Titan. Galliard is also transforming into his titan but Pieck stops him and tell to observe the situation a little more. All of them are shocked to see some people are coming for the with ODM Gear.

The Attack Titan released itself by break the spike. He avoids another attack of War Hammer Titan which was strikes on its head. The Attack Titan is charged against the War Hammer Titan and suddenly hit by the cannons of the Marleyan Soldiers. Koslow is ready to kill the Founding Titan but Magath stops him by saying that it will only delay the Paradis Plan. War Hammer Titan uses her hammer to attack The Attack Titan. It destroys the Attack Titan and Eren emerges on the nape of the titan. Lara is ready to execute Eren, Eren tells that it is the right time to attack for Mikasa and the Scouts. The Scouts attacks on the artillery and kills the Marleyan soldiers.

Theo Magath is inside a building room and he calls and give order to the entire Marleyan Army to gather at the battlefield. He orders that none of the Paradis Island enemy should escape from here and specially the holder of the Founding Titan, Eren Jaeger. He states that the invaders came here with their fate because the whole world now knows about the massacre in today’s festival. It was the same planned by Willy and himself. He was thinking about this and a bomb came from his room’s window and exploded. The room is blown up by the Scout Regiment. The Marleyan Soldiers locates the location of the Scouts and tries to shoot them.

The Scouts counterattack by the pistols attached with their ODM Gear. They throw a Marleyan soldier from the roof and Jean noticed that another building is blown, He goes to Floch and tells for the other Scouts who are carrying more explosives just remind them to minimize the civilian loss to minimum. Floch replies that the people in the internment zone are soldiers and their enemies because they have killed so many people of the Walls. He points toward the Attack Titan and tells Jean that he is the example what they can do.

On the top of the body of Attack Titan, Mikasa questions Eren that he even knows what he has done, he killed many civilians including children and women, there is no way to undo that thing. Eren don’t answer the question and points that the War Hammer Titan is still alive. Mikasa is seeing that the War Hammer Titan is standing up, she is amazed because she was sure about destroying the nape of the War Hammer Titan completely. War Hammer Titan fires a pike on Eren but Mikasa grabs Eren and fly away from the Attack Titan’s body. Eren came with a plan that he should have to eat the War Hammer Titan and asks Mikasa to distract the War Hammer Titan.

Colt reached a hospital and begging for a doctor to take a look at Udo, the doctor refused by saying that the beds are full and Udo is already dead. Colt is crying and he tells Gabi to go to her family and get far away from the titan zone and he is going to look for Falco. Colt ensures that the Warriors will defeat the Paradis Island Enemies. Gabi denies and tells that she will go for the fight too, she can’t understand why Udo and Zofia were killed. Gabi running towards the battle zone and Colt tries to stop her. Gabi finds the jeeps of the reinforcement soldiers and she asks if she is allowed in on of the guards. The guard refused and orders her to go home. The reinforcement is under attack by the Scout Regiment who strikes by bomb and bullets on the soldiers.

A guard tells Gabi to run, he is also killed by a sniper and Gabi saw the killer which is Sasha on the roof. Conny came to Sasha and tells her that they have blocked the street but Sasha reminds him that he forget to light his lamp. Conny places the lamp on the roof and they go to find their fellow soldiers. Gabi watches them flee and she is disheartened by the killing of the soldiers. Gabi grabs a soldier’s rifle and runs to the danger zone.

Conny, Sasha and the other Scouts joins Jean and Floch. They reports that they finished the enemy reinforcements. Jean orders that they have to done the same with enemies of this area. Sasha tells that all the rights are the right place and Jean concludes that the plan is going in the right direction. They have to disarm the War Hammer Titan in time, whatever happens after that is not predictable and they have to survive in this battle.

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