Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 English Subbed

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Pieck came in the time and drive the Scout Regiment away from Gilliard, her Panzer unit uses the gunfire. Lara Tybur used the power of War Hammer Titan to impale Erne Jaeger because he is holding the crystal which is using by Lara to protect herself. Eren managed to stop the attack on his neck by crystal arm of the Attack Titan. Attack titan’s body is lifted in the air on a tree. The Warriors and The Scouts are regrouped when the War Chief Beast Titan arrives in the war zone.

Near a distance, Falco climbs out by the help of the hands of Armored Titan, he was survived when the building collapsed because Reiner was transformed into Armored Titan and grab him to save by the building. Falco is seeing that the warriors and the Scouts are spotting Eren.

Falco came to Reiner’s body which is unconscious and can’t response. Falco is thinking that Reiner must have healed till now because he has the Power of the Titans. Falco spots that Reiner is weak and that’s why his regenerative capabilities also become slow. Falco tells Reiner to wait and try, he assures that Reiner has his friends with him always.

The battle continues and Eren try to bite the crystal in which Lara is but it break the tooth of the Attack Titan. Eren realize that the thing is very hard like underground chapel crystal and he can’t break this by its titan. He also realize that Lara must be weak because he finished another attempt for Attack Titan’s nape and that caused her abilities weak. Eren is thinking that she must be weak now and running out of options. He abandons his previous Attack Titan’s body and creates a new body of the titan.

Porco is amazed that Eren have enough power to transform into the Titan again that must be coming with very hard work, Porco is still confident that it is the warriors who are currently controlling the whole situation in the zone. The opponents resources are limited and they have limits with weapons and fuel. They used their ODM Gear a lot and surely running out of gas after a while. Marleyan soldiers surrounded the whole area and there is no other place to rescue for the Scouts. Porco is worried that the Founding Titan is still uncaptured but Pieck tells him to focus to protect the Beast Titan from Captain Levi.

Falco runs for Magath and informs him that Reiner is unconscious and can’t control is titan. Gabi also came there after a while. Near the beach, Marleyan fleet are coming with the reinforcements in Liberio. A ship’s captain noticed that there is a small fishing boat near him and he orders it back to shore. The sailor removes his hood and that is Armin. He transforms into the Colossal Titan and it triggers a giant explosion in the internment zone and destroys the whole Marleyan fleet and their port. The Warrior realize that the Scouts came here with a proper plan. Porco charges for Eren and the Scouts attack Pieck and Zeke.

Zeke falls in a second by a lightning attack on the nape by Captain Levi. Zeke fells in front of Magath, Falco and Gabi. Captain Levi lands on Beast Titan’s head and ignite an explosive in the mouth of the Beast Titan. Magath grabs Falco and Gabi to save them by the explosion.

Pieck’s Cart Titan and her unit is struggling against the Scouts army and Cart Titan’s machine gun man is killed with a sniper shot by Sasha who shot him in the head. Cart Titan goes to avenge Sasha but Jean came over the roof and fires a thunder spear in Cart Titan’s eye. Jean orders the other Scouts to attack on Cart Titan.

The Scouts fires a dozen of thunder spears and the remaining members of Cart Titan’s panzer unit are dead. Pieck came out from his titan and falls from the roof. She is crashed down in front of Magath, Falco and Gabi. Jean advanced to finish her but Falco runs near Pieck and shouts not to shoot. Jean is disturbed by the interference but fires. Jean’s thunder spears missed and Jean can’t understand that why he missed his target, it may be because of the steam or by that kid.

Pieck emerges from Cart Titan and badly injured. She tells Falco to run away from the area. The Scouts are coming anytime to finish her. Magath orders the soldiers to protect Pieck. Magath sends Gabi to help Falco and the others are carrying Pieck to a safe area.

On the port, Armin is looking at the destruction caused by his Colossal Titan. He is seeing the humans are killed and he is wondering that if same was seen by Bertholdt. He exits his Colossal Titan and he is with his ODM Gear now.

Porco saw that Pieck is down by Eren and he charged in rage for Eren. He bites Attack Titan’s hand and swipe its face with his claws and cuts one of Attack Titan’s eyes. Eren blocks another attack because he uses Lara’s crystal against the claws of Jaw Titan. Eren is surprised that Jaw Titan’s claws cause deep scratch on War Hammer’s crystal.

In a building, Pieck is recovering but her regeneration is slow and Gabi asks for Reiner, who is not recovered and still underground near the stage. Falco understands what Reiner is going through so he suggest that they should leave Reiner out of this fight. Gabi can’t understand why Falco is saying this because Eren killed so many of her friends including Udo and Zofia.

Airship is following over Liberio which is guiding by the lights set by the Scouts. In the cockpit of the airship, Hange is planning to pickup the soldiers but still they have only one chance. If any Scout is out of luck then he will miss the airship. Hange finds that the plan is clueless and asks Armin if he is possessd by Commander Erwin.

Porco spots the airship and realize that it is how the Scouts will escape from Liberio. Porco attacks on the Scouts but Mikasa slices the legs of his titan and he is stunned in front of Eren. Eren rip off his arms and jams Lara’s crystal in the jaw of his titan’s mouth. He lifts the Jaw Titan in the air and crush the crystal and it cause Lara is dead. The blood and spinal fluid is drunk by Attack Titan and Eren gets the power of the War Hammer Titan. Attack Titan slams the head of Jaw Titan on ground. Gabi and Falco are watching and knows that Porco will not eaten by the Attack Titan. They are calling Reiner for help.

Both children are asking Reiner for help and save Porco from the Attack Titan. In the battlefield, under the stage Reiner are hearing the screams of Gabi and Falco. Reiner is angry that the children will not allow him to die in peace and Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan. It cause Eren’s attention shifted to the Armored Titan and he throws Porco’s Jaw Titan on ground.

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