Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 English Subbed

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Reiner attacks on Eren with Armored Titan but he is punched on its jaw is destroyed by the Attack Titan, Reiner still successful to pull away the Jaw Titan from the spot and prevents it by eaten. Eren emerges by its titan’s body and he tells that they are done. Mikasa tells Eren that they should go home and Reiner attempts to stand up on his feet. Mikasa grabs Eren and use her ODM Gear to flee.

The Scout regiment is retreating by the airship and Jean orders the soldiers to make the way to the airship and some Scouts should protect the airship from below to prevent the enemies attack on the airship. Gabi saw that the enemies are leaving so she takes a soldier’s rifle and running out of the building and she is determined to kill Eren.

Eren and Mikasa climbs on the door of the airship which is controlled by the Scouts. Armin helps Eren to came inside the airship. Captain Levi insults Eren that he is filthy and kicks him. Eren gave no resistance and tells that he had explained everything in the letters. Captain Levi gave no sympathy and tells Eren that everything happened in the same way as he wanted.

Outside the airship Jean orders the soldiers which are defending the airship to come inside because Marleyans don’t have anything strong which can take down the airship. Garrison Commander Lobov tells Jean to go ahead and he will defend the airship from enemies. Connie and Sasha helps Jean to enter the airship and informs that the Scouts have six casualties. Floch replies that these casualties are nothing if you look at the damage we have did to Marley and it is win for us. All the new soldiers cheer up and says that the New Eldian Empire got their first victory. Jean is wondering how long they will continue the fighting and how many humans will die. Connie comforts Jean and Sasha by saying that they both are special to him and he is happy they are survived.

On the ground, Gabi is running for the airship and Falco is chasing her. He catches Gabi and she recalls the death of her friends Udo, Zofia. Gabi explains that people spits on her because she is an Eldian and this is the reason she have to improve herself and show to the whole world that the Eldians are also a human. Gabi can’t forgive the people who destroyed her home. Falco mentions that the enemy is doing all these things in retaliation because the same thing was done by Marleyan Soldiers to their land. Gabi calls that the devils are a threat for the world peace and Falco recalls the words of Eren to Reiner that they are same. Gabi still determined and runs to chase the airship.

Lima Squad enters the airship, Lobov calls that the airship is now enemy free. Lobov spots a girl is running behind them and he is ready for shoot but he saw that it is a child so he stopped. Gabi fires from her rifle and Lobov shots in the head and killed on the spot. Lobov and his gear fell on the ground but still his ODM Gear wire is attached with the airship. Gabi goes for the ODM Gear and tests it. She tells Falco that tell her family that she fought against the enemies until the end and goes to board the airship. Colt arrives and rushing towards those two. Gabi activate the trigger and Falco recalls that Reiner was telling him that he should save Gabi everytime. Falco grabs Gabi knees and they both are prepare to board the airship.

Lobov’s body hits the airship and Jean calls that the Scouts are making very noise and quite down. Gabi rolls inside the cabin and fires to the Scouts. The bullet strikes Sasha’s torso and she falls on her back. Jean and Connie are in horror. Both Jean and Gabi is ready for another shot but Falco pushes Gabi to the floor. It cause Gabi misses her mark and Jean is safe. The Scouts are angry and takes on the two children and Jean, Connie are running to Sasha’s side. Sasha is bleeding and they are in shock. Sasha makes her last word “meat”. Floch explains that the two children used Lobov’s gear and came on the ship. Floch says that he will toss both of them out of the airship. Jean asks that he can if it would stop killing from both sides.

Commander Magath get the information from Koslow that Gabi and Falco not returned and they were following the airship. Magath asks Pieck and she says that she remember the soldier who trapped her and Galliard in the room. It was the same soldier she saw three years ago when a woman serving in the first scout fleet to the Paradis Island when Reiner came back. The soldier must be a follower of Eren Jaeger.

In the airship, Captain Levi takes off the fake beard of Yelena, In the next room Gabi is screaming at the Scouts and tells them the war is not ended yet you devils. Zeke is carried out by the rest of his comrades. Jean brings two candidates into the room, where Zeke is sitting near Eren and regenerating his limbs.

Zeke is surprised and he asks Gabi and Falco what are they doing in the airship. Falco questions why Zeke is on this airship and Gabi asks why he let the Scouts to capture himself. Jean explains that the children killed Lobov and Gabi shots Sasha. Jean concludes that he is not expecting Sasha will be alive. Mikasa and Armin running out to see Sasha. Hange leaves the pilot area and gives command to pilot Onyankopon and enters the room. She asks Zeke that everything is going according the plan. Zeke is still in the shock of Gabi and Falco so he answers that everything is going absolutely right except a few miscalculations.

Jean asks Yelena in anger that she was not successful in tripping the Jaw and the Cart Titan. Their escape made the mission complicate and she replies that she is taking the responsibility for her failure. Captain Levi explains that it cause the Beast Titan throwing more stones than the plan. Zeke jokes back on Captain Levi that he must wanted to kill him and Levi replies that he kills his favorite opponents slowly.

Eren believes that killing the military leaders of Marley and destroying their port with the help of Colossal Titan have bought time for all of us. Hange disagrees and finds that the world will unite because it was a global festival and attacks against the Paradis Island. Hange expressed her disappointment to Eren. She explains that the Scouts must sacrifice their lives every time when Eren was caught by the enemies. Eren always puts himself in a situation where the Scouts have no other choice unless they are dead. Zeke argues now they both have the Founding Titan and Another Titan with royal blood. It will make all the sacrifice worthy for the freedom of Eldia.

Connie came in the room and tells every body that Sasha is dead. Mikasa and Armin are crying over Sasha’s body and Eren asks Connie about the last words of Sasha before death. Connie replied “meat”. Eren chuckles and recalls that it was Sasha’s wish to recover the lands which was lost during the fall of Wall Maria so she could buy more livestock for meat. Jean blames Eren for Sasha’s death by saying that she died because Eren dragged the Scouts in the battle.

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