Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 9 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 9 English Subbed

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The episode starts three years ago, The Marleyan ship approached to Paradis Island and sent a team ashore. They can’t find the information for two hours, the captain send another two ships to reclaim it. But before they can do this the Attack Titan lifts their ship in the air. Hange welcomes the Marleyan Soldiers to Paradis, and tells them that they are already friends with one of their soldiers who arrived in the previous ship.

Nicolo is in horror, he don’t want to play and shouts that his captain should go ahead and shoot the enemy. The Attack Titan is watching them on the ship but the Marleyan Captain prepares to shoot Hange but stopped by Yelena who points the gun of Captain’s head. The Marleyan crew turns against each other and preventing the interference. Yelena accepts Hange’s invitation to go on the Paradis Island.

Hange and Yelena meets in the tent and the other Scouts are outside, they are wondering what are the actual motives of Yelena and her army. Armin is hopeful that Yelena will share important information which will be helpful for them. Eren Jaeger also agrees that they are lucky because they accepts to met each other.

In the tent, Hange is analyzing the mechanism of their pistol and Yelena informs them about the size and scope of the pistol and Marleyan Military. The Scouts are surprised that Marleyan can attack from the sky too. Hange asks them why they took so much time to attack them again. Yelena tells that the Pure Titan was unleashed and hindered a land assault. The another reason is that Marley is already in war with some other countries. They are impressed that Paradis People rid themselves by all the Titans by surrounding the walls. They also captured Colossal and Female Titans, that is why Marley’s enemies thinks that they are weak and declared the war against them.

Hange guesses that Yelena and Onyankopon can be secret agents because they have infiltrated the Marley Army from other nations but Yelena tells that are soldiers for Marley. They were losing their hope until they met Zeke Jaeger. Yelena tells when she meets Zeke it was a moment like she is meeting with a god and under his command they shot their superiors. All of them calls themselves Anti Marleyan Volunteers and their mission is to free the Eldian people.

In the walls, Hange is presenting the report about Zeke’s plans and request to Queen Historia and the military. There is a quick resistance because Zeke is a Warrior but Hange continues to read the report and tells them the requirements for Zeke’s plan is to save the Eldians, The Founding Titan and A titan of Pure Royal Blood. Zeke will reveal the plan himself when his conditions are fulfilled.

Eren is confident that Zeke is telling the truth because he was able to use the Founding Titan’s power when he touch the titan of a royal blood and that was of Dina Fritz. Zeke all figured out that this is the way which can renounce the war. By the help of that power they could wake up the millions of Titans sleeping near the Walls.

Captain Levi asks Eren that why he did not tell these things him before and Eren replies that because he was protecting Historia and he don’t want to risk her turned into a titan. Eren apologizes that he didn’t tell it before and Captain Levi agrees to discuss this thing later. Hange also listens this and thinking that Eren might be true and Zeke’s plan might be to hold up the Military against the Marleyan soldiers on the island. Hange says they need some volunteers to protect Paradis Island.

The volunteers are using the wireless radio to give the information of upcoming Marleyan Ship for a trap, it allow Armin’s Colossal Titan to destroy their ships and the Scouts capture the surviving soldiers who jumps out to save their lives.

The Scouts understands that their world is more difficult, they have enemies across the see but the Marleyans have the allies also. Nicolo prepared seafood and Yelena announce that he is the master of Marleyan cooking. Sasha grabs multiple lobsters and tastes them, she describes that Nicolo is a food genius.

Eren is practicing with a rifle and Armin informs him that the work of port is almost finished because of the help provided by Marleyan Engineers. In the starting it was difficult because both sides lacks trust with each other. Armin is hoping that with the time it is possible that the people of both sides can understand each other. Eren asks Armin if he saw the memories of Bertholdt and Armin tells he saw but there was nothing helpful for us. Zeke have three years left and Eren is concerned that they are running out of time to complete this mission. Armin also agrees and asks if there is any other way to protect the Eldians. This way can make them in the devils for the rest of the world too. They should talk first and removes the misconceptions about them.

Eren can’t see any misconceptions because the world is not wrong. They can turn into a titan which is a monster for the rest of the world. Mikasa says that there are some Marleyans who are like them and she suggests that there will be more. Eren also agrees and he says that if they want some more time for the mission and they have to keep the world at bay.

In present, they are thinking about the loss of Sasha and Armin is thinking that there may be any other way for the mission. He understands Eren, but it seems that now he don’t know him. At Sasha’s grave, Jean and Conny stops a person of Military Police who was beating Nicolo. They asks Nicolo if he is alright. Nicolo is broken by the death of Sasha and they explained how does this happened. Jean apologizes to let his guard down and Nicolo is wondering why he is bothering because he was just cooks food for her. Conny comforts him and thanks Nicolo to let Sasha eat such a wonderful food and dishes.

Braus family arrived at Sasha’s grave. Nicolo introduces himself to Sasha’s family and tells how much she loves his food. Nicolo invites her family for dinner in his house. Sasha’s family agrees.

Zeke and Captain Levi are on a carriage in the town and Zeke noticed that the press is talking about their victory. Zeke asks if he can meet Eren. Captain Levi tells him not to be in hurry and they are arranging a fine hotel for him. Yelena in Dot Pyxis office laid the Titan syringe steal by Anti Marleyan Soldiers from Marley. She says that Paradis should face trouble to reproduce the syringe fluid. Pyxis believes that these are enough for them. Pyxis wishes if he could thanks them in a good way but still they are not believes each other fully.

The hotel for Zeke was the forest of giant trees and to use his titan form and also helpful for his ODM Gear. Zeke asks is he can bring Gabi and Falco with him to see this natural beauty. Captain Levi replies that they it will take some time. Gabi and Falco are detained in a cell, Gabi vows to kill Eren Jaeger.

Armin tells that it doesn’t matter if they help Eren or not, still the worst will happened with them. They killed a lot of people including children and women. They destroyed the port of Liberio and Marley is able to retaliate. What they did to Liberio, there is no hope for peace but still they have to take their decision.

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