Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Detailed Recap – The Other Side of the Sea

In this article, we about the 1st episode and 60th episode overall of the Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “The Other Side of the Sea, and in Japanese (海の向こう側 Umi no Mukougawa) Attack on Titan is produced by MAPPA.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Overview

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1
Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1

After losing at Shiganshina, Marley besieges Fort Slava in an effort to put a stop to the four-year war with the Mid-East Allied Forces. Candidate for a warrior Falco Grice is rescued by his brother Colt, who then brings him back to the neighbouring trenches. Marley can’t send out its Titans since there is an armoured train in the area. Marleyan Commander Magath gives the warrior candidate Gabi Braun the go-ahead to destroy it, which she does with the help of perfidy.

Galliard and Pieck’s deployment frees up the Mid-East trenches so that their airborne operation may start. Zeke Jaeger creates a potent airstrike by converting Eldians into Pure Titans with his Titan strength. The Armored Titan joins the conflict and uses the Jaw to demolish the remaining anti-Titan weapons. Once the fort is safe, Zeke utilises the pitching abilities of his Beast Titan to destroy the naval fleet that is present close by; meanwhile, the artillery fire from the ships severely destroys the Armored Titan. Although a peace treaty is struck, Marley is reminded of the mounting need to get the Founding Titan by the battle’s aftermath.


On the battlefield, a small boy is lying down and watching the birds soar overhead. It is unsafe here, therefore he requests that it fly somewhere far away. He is abruptly saved by his brother, who then sprints with him across the battlefield till they reach the trenches.

The Commander questions his brother Colt about the state of the battlefield as their friends bring back the youngster named Falco. The Eldian Unit has taken a direct blow and been wiped out on the front lines. Colt informs them that they have little chance of success, which Commander Magath perceives as a disrespect coming from an Eldian like him.

Falco’s three pals drop over to check on him, but he is unable to identify them. He is sprayed with water by Gabi while she explains the problem. This conflict, which has lasted for four years, is about to come to a conclusion as they approach Fort Slava, one of the enemy’s mountain strongholds. Gabi responds that this is a test to determine who the next Warrior should be when Falco questions why they were brought here as the vanguard.

The conflict is nearing a turning point, and Gabi is aware that they will need to solicit the Armored Titan’s assistance. Reiner is waiting while perched atop the airship.

Zofia and Udo appear to concur when Gabi teases that she will be the one to inherit the Armored Titan among them. Gabi is adamant about winning so she may eliminate the Eldians of Paradis, who have abandoned them and made their lives miserable. She wants to get everybody out of the Internment Zone.

Enemy’s Titan

Colt advises Magath to employ the Jaw and Cart titans to go forward, but the opposition has an Armored-titan of their own. A reinforced artillery vehicle that can kill a titan with a single shot emerges from the fort.

Enemy titan
Cart Titan

Magath is ready to attack the enemy’s railroad with his Eldian troops. Colt should act as the Beast Titan’s heir, he advises. Gabi advises her to assault on her own rather than with the Eldian unit since she can take out the enemy’s tank with her supply of strung-up grenades. She wants to do it to demonstrate why she would be the finest Armored Titan candidate. Magath acquiesces.

The adversary is afraid to fire Gabi since she has removed her clothing and exposed herself. The tank is then destroyed and let to fall to the adjoining bunker while she pretends to trip and throws her explosives on the train at the perfect moment.

As she leaves, the Jaw and Cart Titans show up to destroy the remaining shelters. The remainder are then instructed to charge by Magath. A large group of Eldians are waiting above to strike with Reiner and Zeke.


After some time, the airship approaches the fort while the advancing force withdraws to the trenches. Then it started. Eldians drop from the sky in parachutes. The paratroopers then change into titans and swarm the fort as a result of Zeke clearing his throat and letting out a loud roar.

As they encounter their enormous giants, the enemy troops scramble. As he describes how many others, just like them, have been consumed in this manner by the Eldians, one of the Marleyan warriors stares in disgust.

The opponent returns fire with artillery, which works against them. Reiner counts all of the guns positioned below and observes that half of their titans perished after impact. He thinks back to the walls and how he’s tired of seeing them as he changes.

His armour is breached by hostile rounds, which also amputate his limbs. It appears like there is another tank there. He receives help from the Jaw to win, allowing Zeke to change and land. The enemy’s artillery rounds are picked up by the Beast, who then throws them to the coast’s naval fleet.

The adversary responds with fire as well, but Reiner is wounded. The Mideast nation strikes a peace agreement to terminate the conflict after being defeated. It soon becomes apparent, though, that the titans have lost their absolute power and a new period of battle has begun.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Summary

Since Marley has been at war with the Mid-East Allied Forces for four years, it has been compelled to postpone its mission to recover the Founding Titan from Paradis Island. The year is 854, and Marley is at war with the Mid-East Allied Forces. Eldians make up the majority of the Marley fighting force, which is led by Marleyan officers. Marley’s men want to take Fort Slava so they can assault the port and destroy the Mid-East Allied Forces fleet there, which will allow them to finish the conflict once and for all.

Colt saves Falco
Falco being carried to the trenches by Colt

Falco, a young soldier, is hurt on the battlefield and needs his brother Colt to carry him to safety. As Colt reports to his commander, Commander Magath, Falco’s friends get him to safety in a neighbouring trench and start providing first aid. Due to the artillery barrage, Colt warns that it will be hard to build another trench, but his boss will not take his advice.

One of his fellow soldiers, Gabi, reminds the delirious Falco of their objective to seize Fort Slava while he receives medical treatment. Gabi responds that they are being tested to see who will be the next Warrior when Falco questions why they, as candidates, are fighting on the front lines.

The winner of the conflict will receive Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan. Gabi argues that her good test results are not the reason why she would be picked, despite the opinions of fellow applicants Udo and Zofia to the contrary.

She will be selected because she is motivated to release the good Eldians residing in Marley from the Liberio detention zone and destroy the evil Eldians who reside on Paradis Island.

Anti Titan Artillery
Magath spots the armored train

Colt warns Magath that the soldiers won’t be able to damage the fort’s rail tracks and that they will perish from artillery fire if they don’t act quickly. Colt offers unleashing their two Warriors, Galliard and Pieck, the Jaw Titan and Cart Titan, respectively, when Magath asks him if he has any suggestions. Magath rejects it because she is not yet prepared to take a chance by utilising two Warriors.

The anti-Titan artillery, a 150mm-shell cannon that can kill any Titan, including one of the nine original Titans, with a single shot, is being brought out by the fort at the same time that the two are having a conversation, according to Koslow. It is mounted on an armoured train and is being used by the Mid-East Allied Forces.

Colt argues that Galliard and Pieck’s Titans are swift enough to avoid any bullets, but Magath orders the 800-man Eldian battalion to prepare for battle since he does not want to take the chance of losing any more Titans following the deaths of the Colossal and the Female Titans.

Colt starts to object, but Magath stops him and tells him that if he wants to inherit the Beast Titan, he needs to change his mindset. The wounded Eldian troop is getting ready to charge the opposing lines and detonate the armoured train.

Gabi resolves to inherit the Armored Titan
Gabi resolves to inherit the Armored Titan

Gabi begs Magath to let her take out the guns herself as the armoured train approaches their location. Despite Magath’s initial reluctance, Gabi persuades him to let her carry out her plan. Gabi prepares to leave the trench in civilian attire by taking off her armband and uniform as part of her plan.

Two Allied troops see Gabi as she approaches the Fort, but they miss the little explosive she has fastened to her ankle. The Mid-East troops prepare to shoot Gabi out of fear that she could be an Eldian with Titanic strength, but they are shocked to see her fall to the ground instead.

Gabi waits for the armoured train’s anti-Titan guns to get closer before launching her bomb into its rails to stop it. One of the soldiers snaps and starts shooting at her. Magath orders Galliard to change after observing this.

When Falco notices that Gabi is in danger, he exits the trench to help. However, just as he gets to Gabi, Galliard emerges on the scene, shielding the two with his Titan before advancing and taking down the two Mid-East troops’ outpost.

The Jaw Titan tearing railroads during the Battle of Fort Slava
The railroad is destroyed by Galliard

Zeke and Reiner are told to start their plan to parachute into Fort Slava after learning that the armoured train has been destroyed. The Mid-East Allied Forces start to flee in panic as Marley’s Eldian force approaches Fort Slava and Galliard uses the Jaw to mistreat them. Mid-East soldiers open fire on the oncoming Eldians, but Pieck defeats them with his Titan, which has been equipped with machine guns so that four men may shoot on their foes while riding on her back.

Falco carries a wounded soldier from the Middle East to safety while Pieck and Galliard continue to battle, much to the chagrin of his boss. Gabi believes Falco wants the Armored Titan, which he denies having, and will use the soldier to demonstrate that he abides by international law. He asks Udo to interpret what the hurt soldier is saying, and when Udo says that the guy is calling the Warriors “devils,” his Marleyan superior chuckles.

Zeke’s warriors leave the airship hovering over Fort Slava as a flare signifying the order to evacuate is shot, and the Eldian soldiers on the battlefield start to escape. When the airship’s imprisoned Eldians are all successfully parachuted outside, Zeke lets forth a roar that transforms them all into Pure Titans.

Several Titans descend onto Fort Slava, destroying both structures and men. The impact of the fall kills around half of the Titans, but the survivors rise and consume the last of the Mid-East warriors within the Fort.

Titans rain down on Fort Slava
Titans rain down on Fort Slava

When the airship’s imprisoned Eldians are all successfully parachuted outside, Zeke lets forth a roar that transforms them all into Pure Titans. Numerous Titans descend onto Fort Slava, destroying both structures and men. The impact of the fall kills around half of the Titans, but the survivors rise and consume the last of the Mid-East warriors within the Fort.

One of their superiors reflects that countless Marleyans were consumed in the same way that the Mid-East force is being destroyed in front of them as the Warrior hopefuls and their superiors watch.

Reiner observes the location of the remaining anti-Titan artillery as he parachutes into Fort Slava and then notes the fort’s perimeter wall. Reiner bitterly remarks that he has had enough of walls after remembering his time on Paradis Island.

He then changes into the Armored Titan and leaps to the ground, demolishing a sizable portion of the wall. As he starts to engage the remaining guns, he rapidly realises that even his armour is not immune to their rounds.

The Armored Titan loses an arm
The Armored Titan loses an arm

He is taken by surprise as a second armoured train amputates his left arm at the elbow. Later, Reiner switches his aim and pursues the train, successfully derailing it (though he loses the remainder of his left arm in the process). He is about to be killed by standard anti-Titan weaponry when Galliard gets involved, taking down one gun while becoming a target for the others.

Reiner snatches the wrecked train and uses it as a shield and spear, deflecting many anti-Titan rounds before annihilating the remaining soldiers and artillery guns with the soldiers’ attention now directed towards Galliard. Reiner waves for Zeke once the targets have been eliminated.

Zeke considers the notion that the Warriors’ failure on Paradis Island led to the conflict between Marley and the Allied Forces as he observes Reiner’s signal as he parachuted in. Zeke takes some extra artillery rounds and launches them in the direction of the Mid-East fleet when he transforms into the Beast Titan. He is shocked, though, as the fleet fires back at him and turns its weaponry on him.

Zeke is only spared when Reiner uses his own Titan as a shield to protect him since he is unable to respond in time to evade the torrent of shells. Zeke unleashes a second bombardment of artillery while several ships are still in action, successfully sinking the surviving Mid-East fleet.

The Beast Titan faces the Mid East Allied Forces27 fleet
The fleet will fight the Beast Titan.

The Mid-East Allied Forces consent to a peace settlement with Marley after losing their fleet, ending the four-year conflict between the two countries. However, it is now obvious that Marley needs the might of the Founding Titan more than ever because their power will soon be surpassed in light of the discovery of weapons that may even destroy the Warriors’ Titans. People in a city in Marley rejoice after the defeat of the Mid-East Allied Forces as an unidentified guy settles down to read a newspaper.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1

This new introduction does not dissapoint since it is visceral and packed with actual pictures. We give 3.8 out of 5 ratings to this episode. We hope you like our post.

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