Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Detailed Recap – Midnight Train

In this article, we talk about the Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Midnight Train, and in Japanese, (闇夜の列車 Yamiyo no Ressha) Attack on Titan is produced by MAPPA.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Overview

Zeke speaks with the officers
Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2

The Mid-East Allied Forces were defeated by Marley by a razor-thin margin, and it is obvious to Marley’s military commanders that the days of their nation’s dominance via Titan warfare are passing. Marley intends to restart the Paradis Island Operation to seize the Founding Titan in order to allow his country’s military some more time to upgrade and reorganize for a world without the Titan. It will be challenging to take the island, though, as the absence of any of Marley’s ships for the previous three years indicates that Paradis Island holds at least two of the Nine Titans.

The families of the Warriors and Warrior aspirants are met when they return to Liberio. Reiner Braun talks about his experiences on the island, misinforming his cousin Gabi when he says that he met “all types of individuals” there as opposed to condemning everyone he encountered. The following day, Zeke Jaeger informs Colt Grice and the Warriors of a celebration in Liberio that would feature dignitaries from overseas. The Tybur family, owners of the War Hammer Titan, will make the announcement on the takeover of Paradis Island there.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2
Colt, Zeke, and Magath with the general at a meeting

Theo Magath, Zeke Jaeger, and Colt Grice meet with their commander after Marley’s victory at Fort Slava, and the general is unhappy to learn that the rest of the world is interpreting Marley’s Titans’ close call with loss as a success for the Mid-East Allied Forces. Magath is compelled to acknowledge that the Titans’ period is coming to an end when he is questioned about it. They are undeveloped because of their laziness and dependence on Titans. The Titans will be limited to simply watching as planes move.

Zeke advises that they carry out the Paradis Island Operation once more in an effort to reclaim the Founding Titan in order to allow Marley some time to reorganise and create more effective weapons. The general pays attention to him and wonders if Zeke’s tenure is just set to expire in a year. This is confirmed by Zeke, who also expresses his worry that Colt might not get the entire power of the Beast Titan from him. Zeke wants to atone for his failure on Paradis Island four years ago before his time is over.

After the meeting, Colt is surprised by Zeke’s success in getting the general’s attention despite being of Eldian descent. Zeke is unlike any Beast Titan he has encountered before, reminding him of the Founding Titan, and he wonders why Zeke is so unique. Zeke plays along, but warns Colt that if he ever inherits his memories, Colt could learn his huge secret.

Zeke and Colt salute at Magath
At Magath, Zeke and Colt give a salute.

When Magath enters the room, he interrupts the conversation and asks Zeke if he believes he can take over Paradis in a year. For the past three years, Marley has dispatched ships to Paradis, but none of them have returned. Magath is curious as to Zeke’s opinion of that.
Zeke feels that a single Titan could not have completed the task as Marley lost a total of 32 ships, thus Paradis must possess at least two Titans. To assault the island, Marley will need the assistance of the Titans, and he must also keep an eye out for the Scout Regiment.

Reiner Braun awakens from a nightmare in which he was still engaged in the conflict in the Shiganshina District. Porco Galliard drily tells Reiner at a neighboring desk that he let him sleep since it appeared like he had a pleasant dream. Reiner tries to thank him for saving his life at Fort Slava, but Galliard dismisses him, claiming that none of this would have occurred if he had inherited the Armored Titan nine years earlier, including the passing of his brother.

However, via Ymir, who had the Jaw Titan before him, Galliard has gained access to enough of his brother’s memories. Given that Ymir’s recollections reveal Reiner attempting to present himself as a trustworthy man—the type of person that Galliard’s brother genuinely was—the man wonders what Reiner believed he was doing on the island.

Pieck reveals that she hasn’t been a human for two months.

Galliard is warned not to make fun of persons who have been shot in the face by cannons by Pieck, who enters the room while supported by a crutch. She hasn’t been a person for two months, which is enough time to make her forget how to walk on two legs. She advises Reiner to visit Gabi and the others since they are concerned about him.
If Titans are no longer helpful in combat, Udo in the harbor worries what will become of the Warrior unit and Eldians in general. When he sees some of the defeated Mid-East warriors boarding a boat, he worries that they will spread further rumors about how barbaric Titan combat is once they return home, making matters worse for Eldians. He is not as terrified or repulsed as the other Warriors, though. He starts kicking a mooring post out of frustration until Reiner shows up there and calms him down.

Gabi informs the children that they will soon be coming home to Liberio and proposes that they take a stroll till then as they rush up to Reiner, relieved to discover that he is okay after the conflict. Falco Grice objects, arguing that Reiner should be sleeping, but Reiner responds by declaring he is OK, prompting Falco to join the rest of the group.

Reiner is painfully impressed by how much the four of them remind him of his fellow Warriors at that age as he observes them.

Colt drunkenly toasts Gabi
Colt lifts Gabi onto his shoulders while drunk.

Colt and the other Eldian soldiers thank Gabi that night on the train trip back to Liberio for her role in destroying the armoured train during the assault at Fort Slava. Reiner observes that Gabi will probably take over ownership of the Armored Titan from him as he and Falco watch the festivities in progress. Falco, feeling defeated, remarks that, provided she is not first killed by cannons, this will mean Gabi will only live to be 27 years old. If Reiner is okay with it, he inquires.

Falco is severely reminded by Reiner that inheriting one of the Nine Titans is an honour and that there would be consequence if he complains. In a panic, Falco quickly reaffirms his devotion to Marley and his preference for the Armored Titan over Gabi. Satisfied, Reiner requests that Falco put in a lot of effort to inherit his Titan so that Gabi won’t have to.

As the other Warriors and Warrior candidates leave for the walk home, an excited Gabi celebrates their return to Liberio’s outskirts. Falco considers Reiner and wonders if he can be trusted and if he shares his desire for Eldians to live in peace.

Galliard encourages Falco to take it easy as the Eldians head back to their ghetto, but Falco says he’ll go back to training tomorrow, which Gabi interprets as an effort to improve his grades.

Falco helps a traumatized soldier
Falco assists a wounded soldier.

The others meet up with their families before them. When Zeke visits his grandparents, they are pleased with him but Zeke feels he hasn’t done enough. Falco is diverted by the sight of several wounded Eldians being led away while Reiner and Gabi are welcomed by their family members. Koslow reveals to Falco that the stress of the war left them damaged. Falco tries to aid those who have collapsed in shock, helping one soldier whose Eldian wristband is on the incorrect arm, while Koslow joyfully starts mock-shelling the soldiers.

Reiner’s extended family hosts dinner at their home later. Reiner’s mother, amazed by Gabi’s account of how she single-handedly demolished the armoured train, inquires about Gabi’s intentions to join the Warriors. She will probably certainly inherit the Armored Titan, according to Reiner. His mother is overjoyed to learn that a second member of their family will join the ranks of the Warriors and remarks that the only people on Paradis Island who are blocking them from happiness are the locals. His uncle then inquires about the island as a result of this. Reiner claims that he is permitted to share certain information with them, despite Gabi’s assertion that Reiner would not want to discuss his experiences on the island, even if they were not classified.

He begins by telling a tale about how each was “more hopeless” than the last, a story about an Eldian who had eaten a stolen potato during their entrance ceremony and tried to bribe her instructor when she was caught. He frames his story as one that they want to hear and is consistent with Marley’s propaganda, rather than how he experienced it. He lists the characters he encountered while living on the island, including an imbecile who would frequently forget the reason he needed to use the restroom, a selfish jerk, and an oaf who was only concerned with what other people thought. Reiner makes special mention of the “chumps” that followed the determined Eldian who rushed ahead. In order to make his days a genuine hell, he says that there were “all types of individuals there.”

Gabi is surprised by Reiner27s choice of words
Gabi finds Reiner’s word choice surprising.

Reiner’s decision to refer to the residents of Paradis Island as “all types of people” when they are all negative confounds Gabi. When Reiner’s mother heard what she said, she immediately agreed and reminded her that the “island demons” had turned their world into hell. They are responsible for making sure that the people of Paradis never leave their island.

The following day, Reiner and Gabi go around the internment area of Liberio. She informs him that since returning from the island, his mother has seen a difference in him. Since he left when he was 12 years old and came back as an adult, Reiner tries to explain it away as a natural shift, but Gabi thinks he’s lying.

In his room, Zeke hosts a gathering of the Warriors and Colt. When Galliard inquires as to the location of the Marleyan officials, Zeke indirectly replies that they are not in this room and queries why they cannot simply meet for tea. Zeke makes it clear they must acquire the Founding Titan and Paradis Island’s resources in order to safeguard Marley’s future and, by extension, the future of the Eldians residing in Marley, despite the informal pretext for their assembly.

The Warriors meet in Zeke27s room
The Warriors meet in Zeke’s room

Zeke predicts that the Tybur family will be the one to market the narrative of the threat from Paradis. They control the War Hammer Titan and had a hand in the Great Titan War’s expulsion of King Fritz. Although the world would pay attention to them, Galliard questions why they would want to come out and take on that role. They have luxurious homes, unlike the majority of Eldians.

Galliard’s perspective is understood by Zeke, but he adds that the Tyburs are also worried about Marley. He continues by explaining that a festival involving foreign guests will shortly take place in Liberia. There, the Tyburs will make public their plot to seize Paradis.

Marleyan cops listening in on the Warriors’ chat in another room. The majority of them don’t take issue with what the Warriors said, but Magath points out that Zeke said that the brass was “not in this room,” which might have hinted to the others that their conversation was being recorded. Coincidentally, Reiner appears to have made the same deduction and repeats “not in this room” in his head as he leaves while casting a suspicious glance at the phonograph. The next morning, Reiner watches Gabi and Falco work out while debating if he should go back to Paradis Island.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2

Like the attack titan, this season was nonstop in its action and payoff. We give 4.5 out of 5 ratings to this episode. We hope you like our post.

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