Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Detailed Recap – The Door of Hope

In this article, we talk about the Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “The Door of Hope, and in Japanese, (希望の扉 Kibō no Tobira) Attack on Titan is produced by MAPPA.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Overview

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3
The Door of Hope- Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3

When Reiner Braun was younger, he recalled becoming a Warrior so that his Eldian mother and Marleyan father could coexist. Reiner experienced numerous setbacks and challenges, but his desire never wavered. He recounts the mission to rescue the Founding Titan that he, Bertholdt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard were dispatched on during their last days of Warrior training on Paradis Island.

Reiner discovered that Marcel had arranged for him to receive the Armored Titan rather than his brother as they were travelling to the wall. As soon as Marcel was swallowed by a Titan, Reiner’s shock increased. After Marcel died, the Warriors lost faith in their objective, but Reiner’s will to live and succeed inspired his companions to keep going. Falco Grice is still having a difficult time with his warrior training and is growing more and more certain that he will not be able to inherit the Armored Titan and save Gabi Braun’s life. Falco encounters a wounded soldier who requests to talk with him on his way home from the Warriors’ headquarters.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Summary

Karina and Reiner
Karina and Reiner

Young Reiner Braun was seated next to Karina Braun, who explained the absence of his father to him. Since relationships between Eldians and Marleyans were absolutely prohibited, Reiner’s father could not be with them since he was a Marleyan. Karina hoped they were Marleyans as she sobbed. Reiner is lying in his old room in the present and remembers his struggles to become a Warrior so that he and his mother might become Marleyans.

After training one day, another candidate named Zeke Jaeger informed the other candidates that the next Warriors would soon be picked and that an attack on Paradis Island was being prepared to begin in a few years. Only six of the seven candidates would ultimately be chosen to inherit their Titans, though. When Reiner learned that he would soon become a Marleyan, he was overjoyed. Reiner’s optimism irritated Porco Galliard, who reminded him that the only redeeming quality he had shown as a candidate was his passionate loyalty, which would not be sufficient to win one of the seven Titans Marley had.

Reiner threatened to report Porco to the commander because he thought he was making fun of the Warriors’ objective, which angered Porco, who then struck Reiner. Porco made fun of Reiner before walking away, and Marcel Galliard apologised to Reiner as he separated the two. Reiner, who was overcome with grief on not being selected for one of the Titans, was assisted up by Bertholdt. He was persuaded by Bertholdt that he still had a chance to be selected because of his loyalty.

Bertholdt questioned Reiner whether he was comfortable with becoming a Marleyan if it meant he only got to live thirteen more years as the two walked to meet up with their other candidates. Reiner retorted that he would be a hero in thirteen years for having vanquished the devils residing on Paradis Island and would satisfy his parents.

Eren gazes at the sky
Eren look at the Sky

On Paradis Island, Eren Jaeger, who was young and bored, was watching the sky and hoping that something fascinating would happen when his buddy Armin Arlelt came over holding a book.

Marleyan officials watched from a safe distance as the freshly chosen Warriors deployed their Titans in combat. One officer acknowledged that he felt awful for the people of Paradis Island, who would eventually become the Colossal’s victims, as they saw the talents of the Female, Armored, Jaw, Beast, Cart, and Colossal Titans. Magath acknowledged that the new Warrior unit performed better than its predecessors, but he expressed concern at the prospect of sending kids to reclaim the Founding Titan.

Porco was shocked to learn that Reiner had won the Armor despite being the “worst” candidate and was incensed to learn this. Reiner retorted jestingly that Porco was indeed the worst candidate, and Marcel had to restrain his brother to prevent him from fighting Reiner, telling Porco not to challenge the military’s choice. Reiner said that Porco was the weakest candidate. Marcel apologised to Reiner once again when Porco started weeping.

Reiner27s father yells at him
Reiner’s father scold him

Reiner noticed his father in the throng during a procession honouring the four Warriors. He went inside the man’s kitchen after him. Since he and his mother were now Honorary Marleyans, Reiner said, they would be able to live with his father. His father suddenly interrupted him and ordered him to leave, threatening to kill the rest of the family if Reiner’s lineage was made public.

The Warriors rode horses to the Walls after reaching Paradis Island. Bertholdt questioned whether it was true when camping in the middle of the night that the King of the Walls would not unleash the Founding Titan if they broke the Wall, but Reiner urged him to trust Marley’s study. Reiner worried that his companions were doubting their goal after seeing Marcel’s comparable dejection and by reminding them of all the devastation the demons of Paradis Island had caused to the world.

Marcel gets devoured
Marcel get eaten by a Titan

When a Titan roused by the morning sun sprang out of the ground and pounced for Reiner, he was so taken aback that he was powerless to respond. The Titan snatched Reiner instead of Marcel, who had pushed Reiner out of the Titan’s way to save Reiner. As Marcel was being eaten, the remaining Warriors escaped.

Reiner continued to run for a while before stopping to collect his breath under a tree. Reiner panicked when he realised he was alone, thinking that Bertholdt and Annie had also been devoured. He was distracted from his thoughts by Annie’s abrupt kick, who noted that Reiner had won the foot race for the first time ever. Reiner and Bertholdt were informed by Annie that if they hadn’t run, they could have caught the Titan and retained control of the Jaw Titan’s power.

With the goal of locating the new holder of the Jaw Titan and then returning to declare their mission as a failure, Annie gave the two of them the order to follow her back. Reiner argued that they were unable to go back. Annie corrected him, noting that only he could not turn around since doing so would require him to forfeit his Titan to another Warrior as punishment for his failure.

Reiner yelled back that Bertholdt needed only one try to master the Colossal, shocking Bertholdt. Reiner then pointed out that all three of them might be punished for their failure before arguing that it would be pointless to pursue the Jaw Titan’s new owner since none of their Titans would be fast enough to catch them in their new Jaw Titan form. Additionally, he said that they could not leave without the Founding Titan and that returning with it would be the only way to prevent any of them from being punished.

Annie beats up Reiner
Annie beats Reiner

Annie lost her cool and viciously assaulted Reiner, repeatedly hitting him in the face, furious at his effort to deceive her and afraid that what he claimed about her own life not being assured without the founding Titan could actually be true. She yelled that Marley didn’t give a damn about them, that she only saw them as weapons, that she had twisted them, that she didn’t give a damn about Eldia or Marley, and that she just wanted to get home.

When Annie gave in, Reiner responded by throwing her to the ground and starting to choke her, saying that “Reiner” was dead and that he would change into Marcel if they needed it. Then, and only then, could they return home, he said, so all they had to do was complete their task.

Bertholdt exited his Colossal Titan after using it to pierce a hole in Wall Maria, and he was startled to find another Titan coming toward him. The Titan strangely paid Bertholdt no attention.

Reiner thought on his reasons for becoming a warrior and Marcel’s choice to give his life in order to save him as he moved through Shiganshina District in his Armored Titan form. Reiner charged for Shiganshina’s inner gate, prepared to obliterate it, having made the decision that he did not want the mission to conclude while he still did not understand anything.

Together with Reiner and Bertholdt, Annie awakened at a camp for refugees within Wall Rose. Reiner hugged his friends and made a promise to become a real warrior.

The three encountered a guy from a little town southeast of Wall Maria that had been devastated by the Titans while they were with the refugees. He heard the Titans’ footsteps at first light and opened a window to see one of them peering at him. After then, he insisted that the only memory he had was of fleeing on his horse and leaving his three children behind. Later, the man was discovered hanging from a tree, having evidently killed himself.

In the end, the three enlisted in Paradis’ military and were assigned to the 104th Cadet Corps. When asked by his commandant on his first day why he had enlisted, Reiner said that he had joined the military to preserve humanity.

Kenny confronts Annie
Kenny confronts Annie

Annie once followed a soldier in the Military Police Regiment. She was promptly identified and made an attempt to contact with the man by claiming to be his illegitimate daughter. However, the father swiftly detected her ruse. Annie attacked the man in self-defense and was able to get away by using the sewers.

The next morning, the lads of the 104th Cadet Corps made an effort to forecast the weather using Bertholdt’s peculiar sleeping posture before Reiner sent them off in order to avoid missing roll call.

Annie told Reiner and Bertholdt about her meeting with the man that evening. Annie advised the three to go back to Marley and reveal what little information they had discovered out of concern that her face had been seen. Reiner disagreed, stating that the information they possessed would not have been sufficient to warrant their five years on Paradis Island. Instead, he suggested destroying Wall Rose since it was the only way to smoke out the Founding Titan.

Reiner argued that he did not care about any of his fellow cadets despite Annie warning him that his comrades might perish in the process. Bertholdt confessed that he had been dreaming about the suicide victim who had given them his story years earlier while the three were returning.

Later, when Eren was practising ODM, Reiner realised that he was losing control of his equipment. Eren was urged by him to take a break before he accidentally killed himself. Eren, discouraged and frustrated, asked Reiner what he might do to better himself. Reiner encouraged him simply to keep going and not give up after recalling his own difficulties as a Warrior candidate. Eren was assisted to his feet, and he gave him encouragement by saying that he will be the one to wipe out the Titans.

Reiner tries to commit suicide
Reiner tries to commit suicide

Reiner is back in the present, prepared to shoot himself by loading a weapon and putting the barrel in his mouth. But before he can finish, he is stopped by the sound of Falco exercising outdoors. Reiner comes to the realisation that the new Warriors are the reason he should continue to live as he sees Falco go.

Falco is returning from training when he passes a hospital where the soldier whose wristband he fixed offers the child a seat next to him. The soldier admits to Falco that, contrary to what the other patients believe, he does not experience mental trauma. He wonders if Falco will inform the employees, which he flatly rejects. When the guy inquires about Falco’s training and injuries, Falco expresses his worry that he won’t be able to succeed to the Armored Titan.

The guy remarks that it is fortunate for Falco to live a long life and avoid dying young, but Falco is adamant that he wants to preserve his friend’s life and laments that he most likely won’t be able to given her wartime accomplishments.

Eren resolves to move forward
Eren resolves to move forward

The man starts reflecting on what happened in Marley. He muses to Falco about the mentally and physically damaged soldiers he is surrounded by in the hospital, saying that those who push themselves into hell see a different hell from the rest of them and that anyone who can throw themselves into war must be able to see something beyond it, whether it be another hell or another hope, and that only those who keep moving forward would know.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3

Like the attack titan, this season was nonstop in its action and payoff. We give 3.8 out of 5 ratings to this episode. We hope you like our post.

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