Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Declaration of War

In this article, we talk about the Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Declaration of War, and in Japanese, (宣戦布告 Sensen Fukoku) Attack on Titan is produced by MAPPA.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Overview

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 5
Eren Jaeger- Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 5

Reiner Braun and Eren Jaeger reconnect for the first time in four years in the basement of a building behind the stage. Eren is composed and says that he is here for the same reason Reiner first came to Paradis Island. Reiner is scared that Eren has returned to exact revenge. Inquiring into Reiner’s motivation for the initial attack, he comes to the conclusion that the two of them have the same motives. They had no other option, then or now, given their circumstances.

Willy Tybur performs Eldian history as it is known to the rest of the world on stage, only to later admit that King Karl Fritz, who collaborated with the Tybur family to fabricate the tale of Helos, was actually responsible for bringing about the Great Titan War’s actual conclusion. The Founding Titan has now changed hands to Eren, who is not constrained by the same restrictions as those of the royal bloodline, and who the King isolated himself and his people on Paradis Island and made a vow to renounce war that would be imposed on his successors, which would have kept the world safe from Titans. As he declares war on Paradis, Willy persuades the entire globe to stand alongside him.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Summary

Willy meets Kiyomi backstage
Willy meets Kiyomi backstage

Willy Tybur is alerted backstage that the start of his theatre show is soon to come. He argues that he must appear awful because of his stage nervousness, but Kiyomi Azumabito and her bodyguards respond that he looks strong and that her entire clan is aware of his bravery. He is grateful for her good luck wishes.

Eren Jaeger tells Reiner Braun to sit down in a dimly lighted basement. Despite the building being behind the stage, Eren adds that they can hear the performance extremely clearly from where they are. People are waiting for the drapes to open in the apartment above them. To Reiner’s astonishment, Eren reveals that his hand’s palm is already hurt as he says this, pointing precisely above them. He commands Reiner to sit once more, and this time Reiner complies.

Kiyomi and her security personnel depart the city, and Karina Braun runs into Mr. Leonhart in the audience in front of the theatre. Mr. Leonhart notes that Hoover had passed away during their conversation. Karina attests to it and claims that he was always sure to express his pride in his son’s selfless deed. Mr. Leonhart disputes Karina’s assertion that Annie’s destiny was the same and asserts that his daughter pledged to return alive.

The Warriors are called
The Warriors are called

The presence of the Marleyan military, as well as the enormous number of dignitaries and media from all over the world, astounds the Warriors and Warrior aspirants. Pieck likens it to being in the limelight of the globe. A soldier approaches the warriors and says that Theo Magath has called for them as the trumpets herald the beginning of the performance.

Falco knows the play has begun while he is underground. Why is Eren in Marley, Reiner queries. Reiner begins to sob and shake as Eren responds that he is there for the same reason as Reiner and that he has no option. Eren instructs him to see the theatrical performance.

As soon as he takes the stage, Willy begins to recount the horrific history of the Eldian Empire. By using the Power of the Titans to govern the earth, the Eldians wiped out countless tribes and civilizations and slaughtered enough people to have wiped out mankind three times over. The families that controlled eight of the Titan abilities started fighting one another as the Eldians ran out of foes to contend with.

Helos victorious over Karl Fritz
Helos victorious over Karl Fritz

This was exploited by the Marleyan hero Helos, who collaborated with the Tybur family to compel King Karl Fritz to flee to Paradis Island by encouraging the murder of his adversaries. He did, however, possess tens of millions of Titans who were prepared to crush the globe and the powers of the Founding Titan. Marley attempted to neutralise this danger by dispatching four Titans to the island, but they were thwarted, and only the Armored Titan survived to return, saving the Eldian Empire.

Zeke Jaeger is told to proceed to the gate by the soldier leading Pieck, Porco Galliard, and him, and the other two are instructed to follow. When Pieck comments that she recognises him, the soldier responds that he is from the west, close to Lakua, but he has no interest in conversing with Eldians.

Pieck greets her Panzer Unit
Pieck greets her Panzer Unit

Pieck notices her Panzer Unit, the men that guard her Titan’s cannons, as they go along. She pauses briefly to give them a warm greeting before turning around to follow the soldier. The soldier eventually leads them into a structure. The soldier pulls out a knife, cuts a rope, and activates a trapdoor when Galliard asks where Magath is, trapping both Pieck and Galliard underneath.

Since Reiner and Eren are meant to be buddies, Falco Grice in the basement questions how recently they could have met and is perplexed by Reiner’s dread of Eren. They would have met on Paradis Island if it had been more than four years ago, but Falco does not like where that thought process leads him.

On stage, Willy switches from narrating the well-known narrative that is familiar to the audience to the reality as it has been passed down through the memories inherited by the Tybur family’s War Hammer Titan. Karl Fritz was the one who put a stop to the conflict and rescued the planet, not Helos or the Tyburs.

Karl Fritz conspires with the Tybur family
Karl Fritz conspires with the Tybur family

The King, who was horrified by the brutality, felt sorry for Marley and joined up with the Tybur family to create the fictional hero Helos. The King then shut the gates and brought as many Eldians as possible to the island. Though the King promised to unleash tens of thousands of Titans if the island’s calm was disrupted, in reality he made a commitment to abjure violence so that his philosophy would be passed on to his successors. Though he would accept it if Marley ever came after him or the Founding Titan since he thought the crimes of the Eldian people could never be atoned for.

Magath receives word that the Warriors and the troops dispatched to find them have vanished while he is away from the stage. He asks whether it’s already started and sends out a search squad to seek for them.

Galliard wonders aloud about the hole he and Pieck are in behind the trap door, and Pieck surmises that it was built to contain Warriors because it is too small for them to change without being crushed to death.

Willy describes how Eren could unleash the Titans
Willy describes how Eren could unleash the Titans

Willy continues by explaining that there was a revolt on Paradis Island and that the Founding Titan has been taken, undermining Karl Fritz’s goal for peace. The audience mutters as they take in his account. Eren Jaeger is a fresh danger to the planet. The royal dynasty is prohibited from fully utilising the Founding Titan by the pledge to abstain from war, but Eren is exempt from this limitation as she has the power to instantly activate the millions of Colossal Titans. There would be nothing the world could do if that Rumbling occurred.

Eren apologises to a startled Falco in the basement and says that the letters he sent were intended for his fellow soldiers. He explains to Reiner that it is exactly as Willy says: he is the terrible man who may kill the world, but he also recalls a time when Reiner and his pals were also the bad men in his eyes. He probes Reiner about why the Wall was broken and why his mother was devoured by a Titan.

Reiner adds that the goal was to use the commotion to sneak past the Walls. In order to regain the Founder and eventually save the world, he wanted to observe how the King would respond. Reiner questions Eren about if he has come to “make you people suffer and die in the worst way imaginable,” as he had declared back on the island. Eren seemed to concur with his justification.

Eren talks about his experiences in Marley

Eren states that while at first he believed that everyone on the opposite side of the water had an enemy, after having lived and eaten with his adversaries, just like Reiner had done, he now understands Reiner’s perspective. He has seen that there are good and terrible people both inside the Walls and on the other side of the water, but Reiner has been taught since he was little that those who live inside the Walls are demons, and as a young child, he was powerless to change this.

Reiner kneels to the ground and declares that Eren is mistaken. He explains to him how he compelled Bertholdt and Annie to carry out their goal even after Marcel Galliard died in order to get recognition and be viewed as a hero; as a result, it is his fault that Eren’s mother was devoured. He requests Eren to murder him.

Willy acknowledges that he hated his own blood and wanted to wipe off the Eldians, but he also claims that he does not want to die because he was born into this planet. He invites the audience’s many racial and ethnic groups to band together to fight their common foe. He thinks they can conquer any challenge if they cooperate.

The Attack Titan crushes Willy
The attack titan crushes Willy

Eren gets up after noticing the cheers and realises that Reiner and he are the same person. He assists Reiner in standing while offering Reiner his injured hand. Eren continues by claiming that he will keep going until all of his opponents are destroyed and that he believes they were born this way. He starts to change in front of the startled Reiner as he says this. Reiner pivots to seize Falco and shield him.

The Attack Titan appears from the structure behind the stage and crushes Willy with its hand before hurling his shattered body into the air as he yells out his proclamation of war upon Paradis Island.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5

Attack on Titan begins slowly, but the latest episode is becoming more enthused and developing more plot lines. We give 4.2 ratings out of 5 to this episode. Hope you like this episode’s detailed recap.

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