Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated anime series in recent memory, with many fans and reviewers predicting that it would eventually become a worldwide hit. Many anime fans have questioned if this bloody new title will ever measure up to the huge expectations placed on it in light of these high compliments. Fortunately, the debut episode of Chainsaw Man should allay any worries that it was overhyped.

Chainsaw Man’s anime series is produced by Studio MAPPA, the animation studio behind Attack on Titan‘s latter seasons and the most recent blockbuster Jujutsu Kaisen. It is based on a manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Chainsaw Man was a Shonen Jump classic from the very first page, carrying bloody action, complex characters, and a more reflective tone. Chainsaw Man’s anime adaption has a lot to live up to with that kind of heritage.

Dog & Chainsaw (犬とチェンソー, Inu to Chensō) is the first episode of the Chainsaw Man anime series. This is a manga series that is adapted from anime. Its manga series get an IMBD rating of 9.2 out of 10. This anime started on October 11, 2022.


In this anime, Denji is a small boy who makes his career fighting devils and doing the work of devil hunter. He and Pochita, a “chainsaw devil,” live in poverty while carrying out the orders of the yakuza to pay off the debt his parents left behind.

Episode 1 3 1
Denji & Pochita in Chainsaw Man

Denji is one day summoned by the yakuza and later executed after being betrayed. Something calls to Denji as his consciousness disappears.

Summary of Chainsaw Man

The anime begins with a boy named Denji who was sleeping in an old factory. He leaves for work as soon as he wakes up because he has a lot of debt on him to pay for it. He also sold one of his kidneys, his right eye but even after doing all this he still has to pay 38 million forty thousand yen for which he is working as a devil hunter along with him.

We also see his devil pet its name is Pochita and it has the power of a chainsaw together with it. Denji kills the other devil and gets some money in return but in reality, he was doing all this under compulsion to pay off Yakuza’s debt.

He and Pochita are still out to kill a devil. So they both come to a place where a tomato devil is in front of them. Denji kills the devil with the help of Pochita’s Chainsaw. After some time the Yakuza also comes here and Denji was working for him.

Denji kills the Tomato Devil
Denji kills the Tomato Devil with help of Pochita

The accuser sells the dead devil on the black market. He gives Denji some money for this work but after paying all the bills and interest Denji only has 1800 Yen left. He keeps the remaining money with him. With the help of this, he was going to manage the rest of his expenses.

He tells Pochita that today’s dinner is going to be a slice of bread that’s when we see that Yakuza and his driver were also here. The driver asks Yakuza “Why hire a brat like that to hunt devils”. Yakuza then replies that he’s paying off what he owes us and it was his deadbeat old man’s debt.

The real devil hunters don’t pass devil park aces onto Yakuza but Denji does what he is told by Yakuza. Yakuza’s driver then comes to Denji and calls him a dog. He says that if he eats this cigarette he will give him 100 yen. Denji is ready to do anything for a bit of cash that’s why he eats the cigarette. The accuser tells Denji that when there is another devil he will contact him. After this, he leaves here by giving money to Denji.

Now Denji takes the cigarette out of his mouth and happily tells Pochita that this money will keep us for another three days. Denji returns to his place and feeds Pochita bread. He tells Pochita that normal people eat bread with Jam but this thing is a dream for us because Denji still had a lot of debt. So he feels that he will not able to pay his debt even before he dies.

Denji also wants to live a happy and peaceful life like other people. He dreams that he too has a girlfriend and goes on a date with her but Denji doesn’t think any of his dreams will come true. After that, he starts thinking about that time when his father committed suicide by hanging but Denji’s father had not paid that month’s installment before died.

So Yakuza asks Denji to pay 70000 yen and for this, he gives him only one day because he does care about anything and asks Denji to pay the installments by any means so if he could not pay the installment then Yakuza would kill him and sell his body parts after saying this Yakuza leaves in his car. Now Denji is very sad at this time and he could not understand what to do.

That’s when the chainsaw devil comes here seeing this Denji gets very scared but still, he was not afraid to die and says if you are gonna kill me just do it because I am either way said Denji. Now Denji is ready to die and closes his eyes but the chainsaw devil doesn’t kill him because at this time he too was badly injured and was about to die. Denji gets scared seeing this because he doesn’t want to die like his father.

Denji makes a deal with Pochita 1
Denji makes a deal with the Devil Pochita

He asks the devil to drink his blood because he had heard that human blood would heal the devil’s wound. Now the chainsaw devil didn’t even want to die so he agrees to Denji and starts drinking his blood. But in reality, Denji was not doing this for free. In return, He makes a deal with the devil. He tells the devil that I have helped you so now you have to help me too. Because Denji doesn’t want to die either.

Denji then teams up with the chainsaw devil to kill the other devil and asks Yakuza to hire him as a devil hunter he wanted to work for him to pay off the debt. Hearing this Yakuza agrees now. Denji was trying to sleep but due to hunger, he could not even sleep. Apart from this, he was also remembering about his debt he is sharing all the things with Pochita.

But Pochita was excited to her about his dreams. Denji then tells him that I want to put jam on my bread and share it with Pochita. Then Denji will gonna flirt with a girl. He will play video games with her and then we will fall asleep hugging each other. Pochita also gets happy after hearing this. Suddenly Denji starts coughing and during this also takes out blood from his mouth due to which both Pochita and Denji get nervous.

Denji then tells Pochita that her mom died from some heart disease that made her cough up blood. After some time Yakuza knocks on the door. He tells Denji that we have come to know about another devil so gets ready for work immediately. Hearing this Denji sits in his car after which he brings him through a forest path near an old factory.

Denji goes inside the old factory with Yakuza but he could not see any devil there. So he starts talking to Yakuza about it and says that he might have left but at this time Yakuza was not responding to any of his words and suddenly he stops at one place. Now Denji gets a little surprised by this. The accuser tells him that you are as loyal as a dog. Also, he works for cheap like one but the only problem with dogs is that he cannot stand the stench.

But Denji could not understand why he was doing such things. Suddenly, someone attacks from behind in which Pochita along with Denji also gets badly injured. Yakuza starts telling Denji that He is thinking of making even more money. Then we learn that he has also made a deal with the devil. He then merges with the body of the devil because Yakuza wanted to get demonic power and that devil wanted to kill all the devil hunters.

Denji sees that all the devil hunters have been possessed by the devil because this devil has given him some demonic power. In return, they have agreed to become its slave but in reality, the devil is a zombie devil. Therefore because of its given power, they all have become zombies. Zombie devil hates devil hunters because they go around killing devils. So he wants to kill them also. After this Zombie Devil orders his men to kill Denji but Denji wants to live.

So he does not want to die in their hands in any conditions and starts running to save his life. Seeing this all the zombies starts chasing him. Now Denji also tries his best to avoid them. But this time, he was injured badly. Therefore he can not escape from them for a long time. After chasing them for some time a zombie comes very close to him and attacks him with his weapon. Now because of this, he gets injured and falls down this time. He could do nothing to save himself after this all the zombies start attacking him.

One by one Denji starts screaming furiously in pain but now he was stuck in the middle of them and he does not even have enough strength to fight with them. During this, he starts thinking that he did not want to become rich rather he just wanted to live a normal life but it looks like he won’t be able to have that either. After this, Denji keeps screaming in pain while all the zombies together cut him into pieces.

They kill Denji and Pochita and throw them in the garbage but then Denji’s blood enters Pochita’s mouth because of this it regains Consciousness. With this, it starts remembering the moments spent with Denji and his words. He starts thinking about that time when he and Denji were cutting trees in the forests where Denji was telling Pochita that there is a good chance he is gonna die fighting a devil.

But his only regret would be leaving it on its own because some other devil hinter might kill it or it could end up staring to death. He gets very upset to think talking about all these things. He then tells Pochita that he has heard that some devils can take over dead bodies. So if that is something it can do then he wants it to have his body then Pochita can move out of here because Denji wants Pochita to live a normal life and die a normal death. After this, he lifts Pochita in his hands and says you have gotta make my dream come true.

Chainsaw Man
Pochita merged with Denji

After remembering these things Pochita gives his heart to Denji and starts merging himself with his body. Due to it Denji’s severed body parts are reunited. After some time Denji also regains consciousness and he sees a flashback where Pochita was in front of him.

Danji asks him if it has takes his body like he said then Pochita says that he always loved hearing him talk about his dreams so here is the deal said Pochita that he will give his heart and in exchange he want Denji to show his dream. After hearing this Denji immediately opens his eyes but this time he was completely surprised. Because there was no trace of wound on his body. Denji was completely healed.

Just then he see the chainsaw’s key in his chest which was actually in Pochita’s Tale. Denji does not see Pochita anywhere. So he understands the whole thing but all the zombies were still roaming there. Zombie devil is very surprised after seeing Denji alive. This time Denji was standing right in front of it so the zombie devil doesn’t understand how Denji is still alive. But the Zombie Devil did not want to see Denji alive in any condition. So Zombie devil sends his men to kill him on receiving his order. All the zombies start running toward to kill him.

Seeing this Denji also gets ready to face them. He starts remembering the moment spent with Pochita because though he wanted to live a normal life. But still, he was very happy with Pochita. After this, he rewinds everything once again. Denji says that if you get in our way then you will die. Now as soon as the group of zombies comes to attack him. Denji pulls out the key of chainsaw but they had no idea what was going to happen to them and together they all go to eat him.

Episode 1 1
Denji’s Chainsaw Man Form

The zombie devil thinks that his zombies will kill Denji. Suddenly he hears the sound of a chainsaw because of this he is completely shocked. After this Denji comes out killing everyone. His body was completely changed and his body parts were changed into chainsaw. Due to this change, Denji was looking terrifying. Right now even the zombie devil is surprised to see this because Denji was neither a human nor a devil at this time.

So they understand that the chainsaw devil has merged with his body. Denji then starts attacking them using his chainsaw power and injuries the zombie devil badly. Because of this Zombie devil gets very angry and throws Denji away from here. Meanwhile, a zombie attacks him with a rod but nothing happens to Denji from the attack and after that, he starts killing everyone one by one. Now zombie devil gets very scared and starts throwing its own people at him to save himself.

chainsaw man
Denji kills Zombie Devil

But even this does not stop Denji from moving forward and he brutally kills everyone. After this, he jumps and goes to attack the zombie devil as well. Seeing this the zombie devil tries to stop him with its tentacles but the zombie devil still can’t stop him and Denji attacks it with his chainsaw. Now the zombie devil is unable to do anything to save itself and then Denji cuts its body into two pieces.

At this time Denji was looking very dangerous and seeing this the condition of all the zombies got worse. Denji says that you guys went full devil but you hired me to become a devil hunter so he better kills all the devils. After saying this he brutally kills everyone. After some time a car comes here out of which three official devil hunters come out. They are shocked to see the inside view and the lady devil hunter says that someone has come here even before us.

Episode 1 4
Lady Devil hunter saw Denji

Then his eyes go to Denji. His whole body was covered with blood and that lady devil hunter comes in front of him without fear. She was also very beautiful in appearance. She looks at Denji and says that you are very strange because you are neither human nor devil. But Denji doesn’t answer any. She then smiles and says that you did this. Just then Denji is about to fall down but the girl hugs Denji and stops him from falling down.

After this Denji’s body changes and he comes in his human form. Then a devil hunter asks any chance he is possessed. The girl says No because she can tell who is possessed with a look at their face. Now the girl tells Denji that she is a devil hunter with Public Safety and she came here to kill the zombie devil. She gives Denji two options first She can kill him like a devil and she can keep him as a human.

She will make sure he is fed hearing this. Denji looks at all the dead zombies once he then asks the girl what is for breakfast. The girl lovingly replies that bread with butter jam salad and coffee but this time Denji was looking at the girl very carefully and then says that sounds awesome after this episode ends.

Note: All the image credit goes to the Fandom page of the Chainsaw Man and Chainsaw franchise.

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