Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – For Myself || Explained Gojo Vs Sakuna Fight

In this article, we about the 2nd episode of the Jujutsu kaisen Episode 2 full detailed review. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “For Myself, and in Japanese (ぶんのために Jibun no Tameni?

For Myself () is the second episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


Strongest Sorcerer

Megumi and Yuji are seen at the beginning of the episode as Megumi considers exorcising Yuji but hesitates.

Yuji signals that Megumi need not be afraid by raising both of his hands, indicating that he is free of Sakuna’s grip. Satoru Gojo, Megumi’s sensei, appears just as he is compelled to make a decision.

Megumi seems surprised as he notices Gojo. Gojo states that his older is enraged about the cursed object and has made the decision to deploy the curse Yuji. He explains that he stayed here for his souvenirs and then came to check on Megumi’s progress.


Yuji then reveals that he has consumed the finger that Gojo doesn’t believe in.

As he gets closer, he notices Yuji and realizes that the two have entirely evolved along with Sakuna.

Gojo asked Yuji if you think Sakuna is completely under his control, so let him control you for 10 seconds. By having Yuji switch with Sukuna for ten seconds, Gojo intends to assess Yuji’s level of control. As Yuji switches to the Sakuna, Megumi is seated holding the Kikifuku dish which Gojo brought.

Gojo Vs Sakuna (Battle of the Best)

The fight between Gojo and Sakuna begins, and Gojo defeats Sakuna’s assault with ease.

When Gojo notices Megumi, he declares, “I have to show off a little in front of my student,” and he begins to attack Sakuna using his lightning-quick reflexes.

The Strongest Sorcerer vs. The King of Curses.
The Strongest Sorcerer vs. The King of Curses.

Sukuna seeks to end the conflict by asserting that jujutsu sorcerers are a problem in each and every age. Rather, Gojo is able to effortlessly resist every silt that the curse has formed and counts down the final few seconds before Yuji regains control.

Instead, Gojo is able to easily repel the chaos the curse has caused and counts down the few seconds left till Yuji regains control.

Megumi Request To Save Yuji

Yuji’s seamless ability to restore control of his body impresses Gojo, who knocks him out. Gojo takes the decision to put him unconscious and tells Megumi that if Yuji can rise as himself, he will have genuine potential as a vessel but if Sakuna takes control of it, we will have to kill it. Megumi does not want Yuji to be killed, even though it is under the rule of Jujutsu regulations. In response, Gojo promises to help Yuji and accepts his request to save him.


Yet again, Yuji is tied to a chair in a chamber packed with seals. Gojo reveals that although Jujutsu elders have decided that you should be assassinated, I have temporarily preserved your life. You have potential, according to Gojo, and you can help us with that potential.

Because Yuji had consumed one finger of Sakuna and possesses the ability to control Sakuna, it has been decided by all that you shall consume 20 fingers of Sakuna. Gojo explains that Sakuna had four hands and four legs, contradicting Yuji’s assumption that he is probably stating all of this by joining Sakuna’s body hands, and feet.

Sakuna The Cursed Spirit-

Because of this, you must consume 20 of his four hands’ worth of fingers, greatly benefiting Jujustsu Tech. Then we’ll kill you to bring an end to Sakuna the Cursed Object.

Gojo informs Yuji that the only way the cursed finger can be destroyed is if you eat it, at which point we must kill you in order to extinguish the Sakuna Power.


Yuji then leaves for the hospital to greet his friends, while Sasaki is blaming himself for the incident and Iguchi is no danger anymore but still hasn’t regained consciousness.

Yuji argues that since it was a cursed spirit and I should not have handed you this object, it is not your fault. Iguchi will soon recover his condition, Yuji promises before departing.

Outside the hospital, Gojo and Yuji talk about Yuji’s decision to join Jujutsu Tech. Gojo responds to Yuji’s fear that many people are passing away as a result of these curses by saying that those who encounter it are fortunate to pass away normally.

Later, after gathering his grandfather’s ashes, Yuji makes the decision to join jujutsu tech and swallows Sakuna’s other finger.


After struggling for some time, Yuji eventually recovers and states that the taste of his finger was quite horrible. Gojo wanted to check if somehow the Sakuna effect would have any effect on Yuji after swallowing the finger.

Gojo is ecstatic to see that Yuji can handle Sakuna in this way. In a thousand years, no one had ever done this in the history of jujutsu. Yuji makes the decision that although he will consume all of the Sakuna fingers and aid Jujutsu Tech in fighting all of the curses, he does not want to die.

Sorcery School

Gojo tells Yuji to pack his bags and Megumi enters the room after recovering from the injury. After saying his last goodbye to his grandfather, Yuji departs for Tokyo with Gojo and Megumi.


There are only two such institutions in the entire nation, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical School is where all Jujutsu complete their training. It is located at the base of the Tokyo mountains. Although Jujutsu Tech poses as a religious private school, it plays a significant part in the organization.

It is regarded as the core pillar of the community because Jujutsu sorcerers continue to practice here even after graduating.

Yuji will have to go through an interview of the principal for admission who will decide whether Yuji should live or should be killed, which leaves Yuji a little disappointed.

Sakuna then creates a mouth out of Yuji’s skin and warns Gojo that after taking control of Yuji’s body, I will kill you first. Gojo smiles and agrees to the challenge, saying, “It will be an honor for me.”

Power of Sakuna

When Yuji starts asking questions about the origin of Sakuna, Gojo responds that Sakuna was the most powerful curse and that no one could ever defeat him, which is why he was also known as the “King of Curses.” Yuji queries who would prevail in a fight between Sakuna and Gojo as Gojo enters the school exalting himself.

The true Ryomen Sukuna.
The true Ryomen Sukuna.

As they both enter the principal’s office and notice Masamichi Yaga (the principal) making adorable puppets. Yuji introduces himself and says he wants to join Jujutsu Tech, but the principal asks him the reason to join.  The principal is not pleased with Yuji’s answer, which is that he merely wants to practice jujutsu. He advises her to think more deeply. Yuji responds that all he wants to do is help people, which was someone’s dying wish, but Yaga is unsatisfied and declares Yuji to have failed.

Interview to become Jujutsu Sorcerer

The principal Yaga sends a cursed corpse to Yuji, who is then attacked by the corpse until Yaga receives a satisfying answer. Jujutsu, according to Yaga, is not intended to fulfill other people’s desires, thus if you want to succeed in this interview, you must bring motivation from within, rather than acting at someone else’s request.

Yaga rejects Yuji's weak convictions.
Yaga rejects Yuji’s weak convictions.

 Later, Yaga stated you would blame your grandfather if you die after eating all these fingers. As the dolls unleash a second round of strikes after Yuji realizes this about himself.

When asked again, Yuji replies that he has come to the decision that only he can stop Sakuna. With brutal force, he seizes the cursed doll and declares that he does not know how many people would suffer as a result of this finger.



Yuji argues that if he wants to live without regrets, he must stop Sukuna while still holding on. Yuji’s response satisfies Yaga, who then permits him to learn Jujutsu and requests that Gojo show him the place.

Nobara Kugisaki- New Journey


In his dorm, Gojo asks Yuji if he’s ready to engage in a fight. Yuji can act as both a vessel and a locator for the other fingers because Sukuna is inside him. Megumi, who lives next door, is upset to hear that Yuji will be so nearby when they leave the dorm. The following day, Gojo tells them both that they would be traveling together to Morioka Station. Third-year student Nobara Kugisaki, a young woman eager to leave her rural village behind her, will be picked up by them.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Megumi Fushiguro
  • Yuji Itadori
  • Sukuna
  • Satoru Gojo
  • Yoshinobu Gakuganji (Fantasy)
  • Setsuko Sasaki
  • Takeshi Iguchi
  • Masamichi Yaga
  • Nobara Kugisaki

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