Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan Form In Attack on Titan & Powers (Explained) || History || Abilities

The Attack on Titan anime’s protagonist, Eren, is well-known, and he plays a vital role in the series’ intricacy right from the start. Hajime Isayama, the show’s creator, thoughtfully planned the story’s narration from the first episode of AOT Season 1. By the end of the season, we have seen that Eren had already inherited the strength of three of the nine titans—the Attacking Titan, the War Hammer Titan, and the Founding Titan.


In fact, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard, Berthold started his journey to capture the Founding Titan and take back the titan to their countryside. But fans are desperate to know why this titan created so much hype later in the season and what its power and abilities or are they different from other titans? So in this post, we are talking about everything you need to know about the power of Eren Founding titan in Attack On Titan.

Who is Eren Yeager and how did he get the founding titan-

The main character of AOT is Eren Yeager, and his journey begins in episode 1 when he appears to be crying while having a dream. Grisha and Carla Yeager are the names of his parents. He learns about Zeke, who appears to be his half-brother, after season 2.

Eren belongs to the Shiganshina District when, for the first time in human history, a Colossal Titan measuring roughly 197 feet tall appeared, smashed the wall, and caused havoc. Following that, the titan began to invade the town and slaughtered over 10,000 people, including Eren’s mother. Eren has wanted to visit the outside world since he was a young child, but after witnessing the devastation, he became enraged and swore to wipe out all titans from the planet.

He enlists in the Survey Corps with his friends Mikasa and Armin, eternally damaged and determined to vengeance. He saw the Colossal titan again shortly after graduating from the Survey corps, and from that point on, Eren learns of his first Attacking titan, leading to a battle with another titan to preserve humanity.

Attack on Titan is based on Eren’s journey, during which he emerges as the last big hope for mankind’s capability to survive and combat the Titans. With each step of the voyage, Eren learns more about himself, his father’s mystery, his brother Zeke’s strength, the connection between royal blood and the founding titan, and how and why the titan exists and wields such power. After arriving in the Shiganshina District’s abandoned home’s basement, where his father Grisha has already hidden the answer to his memories, all of this happens

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  • Name: Eren Yeager
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 170 cm (850) Attack on Titan Guidebook
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Date of Birth: March 30th
  • Birthplace: Shiganshina District
  • Assignment: 104th Training Corps to the Survey Corps
  • Voice Actor: Yuki Kaji

Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan History Explained-

Eren Yeager titan is the most popular yet more specific and powerful titan that possesses different abilities.

The spine really served as the foundation for the Titan’s body, resulting in a monstrosity primarily made of bones. This was necessary to join Eren’s head to his body after Eren’s head had been amputated.

The titan is also quite particular, largely because of the circumstances surrounding its manifestation.

The spine of the Founding Titan really served as the foundation for the Titan’s body, resulting in a monstrosity primarily made of bones. This was necessary because the spine had to join Eren’s head to his body after he has been decap

How Eren Possess the Power of Founding Titan-

Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager, took the Founding Titan from the Reiss family and injected the spinal fluid into Eren’s body when he was a little boy. Eren accidentally touched the  Dina Fritz titan palm when he first became aware of the strength of his founder titan. Later, he realises that he can command the neighbouring giant to attack his target by talking and yelling.

Without royal blood, he is unable to command the titans because the founding titan and royal blood are linked. Dina Fritz is also of Royal blood, and touching her unleashes the power of the Founding Titan to control nearby titans, setting up the target for Bertolt, Reiner, and Dina Firtz to devour.

While it is shown that those who possess the Titans’ power are capable of detecting the moment a Titan’s power is unleashed, it’s indeed unclear whether it would be possible to utilize this ability to influence or control Titans who are subject to human control.


Eren didn’t realize the entire potential of his titan, and after realizing he has such a strong ability, he sets out to research every route through which he could learn more about the titan.

After four years, he finally convinced the first titan shifter Ymir to help him unleash all of the Founding Titan’s potential (Attack on Titan Final Season Part-1).

Eren successfully transformed into the “Doomsday Titan,” which allowed him to command the Wall titans and generate as many titans as he wants. These titans could then telepathically connect with all of Ymir’s subjects.

What Are the Eren Founding Titan’s Powers and Abilities?

The founding titan has many powerful abilities which make it different from other titans. The inheritor’s scream can unleash the Founding Titan’s several special skills that set it apart from all other Titans. Also, it is not known how much volume of scream can potentially require to transform others into titans. But the titans don’t require themselves to transform to use the abilities although he can do it only by merely talking. So here are the key points of the founding titan’s abilities-


1. Titan creation-

It is one of the strongest of the Nine Titans and has the power to control or create as many titans as they want. He has the ability to produce Eldians as massive as the Colossal Titan. This power was employed by Karl Fritz to produce the tens of thousands of Colossus Titans that made up the Wall.

Zeke Beast Titan also possesses this ability, but he must inject his spinal fluid into the blood of the Eldian people in order to turn them into Titans.

2. Titan control

Eren accidentally unleashed his titanic ability and gave the order to other titans to assault Diana Fritz’s titan, which is how we witnessed Eren discover his titanic ability. It was the first time Eren had used the power without also becoming a giant.


The one limitation Eren had was that he could not use this talent or power against any of the other Ymir Eight titans, as they are all insured against the Founding Titan.

Ymir also used the founding titan power to accomplish many great things for the kingdom of Eldia. She controlled all the titans and attack other nations to establish the powers of the Eldia kingdom.

King Karl strengthened the wall by 50 meters by using the titan’s strength. He made use of the Ymir power to fortify titan bodies and enclose them within construction walls that might be exploited during titan rumbling.

According to Rod Reiss, the founding titan still has not used its full potential but if Eren success to do so then it might be possible he could wipe out all titans.

3. Memory Manipulation

From the first season, people living in the wall believe they were the only humans left in the world.  This is because “Karlz Fritz” used the power of the Founding Titan after the wall was formed to alter or wipe the memories of the whole populace and all memories from before the wall was formed.

In Season 3 Episode 7, Frieda Riess also used the same power to erase the memories of Historia but later Historia gets to know about the past in her dream.

So Founding titan has a great ability to completely washed off memories from the subjects of Ymir, or the entire population at once. Even still, these forgotten memories sometimes fragmentarily revive in the form of dreams.

Only members of the Ackerman clan and non-Eldians are resistant to this tactic, which may be why the royal bloodline feared the Ackermans so much.

4. Royal Bloodline Connection

Being of the royal bloodline is one of the requirements for using founding titan power; otherwise, it would react when it comes into touch with a royal blood relative of the founder titan family.

It has been stated that the founding titan can only be completely utilized by a member of the Reiss Family, and thus, the old Fritz family.


If the Founding titan is utilized outside of the royal family, it appears that the power may be employed if the possessor is in immediate contact to a member of the royal family.

It can be shown in Season 3 when Eren punches Dinah Fritz’s enormous hand to release the power of the Founding Titan. Later, when Rod and Historia Reiss laid their hands on Eren’s back, it brought back memories of Grisha Yeager.

Holding Historia’s hand, however, did not work while trying to view past memories. Eren must consider if touching a Royal Blood Titan a second time will be effective; yet, he hasn’t discussed the concept in public due to his fear of Historia’s safety.

No Founding Titan of royal blood has ever declared a wish to end the danger of the Titans and restore humanity’s freedom despite the legacy of the world’s memories and the capability to command the Titans, even if they had done so before acquiring power.

This is thus because the First King’s ideas and memory were passed down to these Founding Titans.

These recollections caused Frieda to go through episodes of craziness and sadness, and she claimed that the Eldians were sinners who deserved their fate.

Known Inheritors of Founding Titans From First To Last-

In order of least current to most current:

  • Ymir Fritz.
  • Karl Fritz, The First Reiss King, and 145th King of Eldia.
  • Rod and Uri Reiss’s father.
  • Uri Reiss.
  • Frieda Reiss (niece of Uri Reiss).
  • Grisha Jaeger.
  • Eren Jaeger (son of Grisha Jaeger).

Eren’s Founding Titan Height

We have seen the Colossal Titan and another titan during the entire season, which is massive and frequently larger than expected. They are all significantly taller and more powerful than typical humans.

Eren Titan, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan history. According to manga, Eren’s Founding Titan base height is approximately 43 feet(13 meters), and it is regarded as being among the tallest titans 

eren founding titan

Eren’s entire size is represented visually by Mappa Studio, but this might only represent the basic size; in the future, it’s possible that Eren’s titan may grow in size. The exact height of the titan was thus not disclosed by Isayama at this time, but we may discover it in the upcoming season. Likewise, the height of Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan form is likewise unknown.

Why Is Eren’s Founding Titan so Big?

If we look attentively, initially, when Ymir turns into the Founding Titan, the titan spine itself linked itself to the body of Ymir Fritz, resulting in Titan looking like a Humanoid monster appearance; nevertheless, Eren Founding titan has a complete skeletal appearance, and people term it a monster.


People continue to be perplexed as to why Eren Titan is so enormous and gigantic-looking. This is due to Hallucigenia’s (the Creature linked to Ymir’s body) attachment to the spin, which caused it to tie the body and head together and give them a colossal appearance.

To understand it, we must look at the background story:

In Season 4 Episode Part-2 Eren was shot in the neck with an anti-titan riffle by Gabbi as we saw as he ran toward Zeke.

Eren had already been decapitated when the Founding Titan connected itself to him. The only method for the Founding Titan to manifest itself was to reattach Eren’s head to his body, which could only be done by way of the spine.

So, the spine of the Founding Titan joined Eren’s head to his body, but because there was a space between them, the spine began to grow out of control, transforming Eren into a monster.

This reveals why Eren genuinely resembles a monster and why he is so big; the Spine just began to grow out of control, and instead of the body, it was the spine that served as the foundation for Eren’s Founding Titan form.

Why do Ymir and Eren Founding Titans have Bones?- Founding Titan Secret-


It is believed that Ymir was the first titan shifter, but she had not fully evolved, therefore she lacked skin on numerous bodily parts, giving her the appearance of a titan with only bones. As a result of Ymir’s transition into a founding titan, all successive founding titans were unique individuals.

The founding titan of Frieda or Uri Reiss is primarily depicted in Attack on Titan. Even though Ymir and Eren giants resemble each other greatly, Karl Fritz’s titan is featured in many intro and outros. However, all titans have skin on their bodies.

Before knowing this, let us know the story of Ymir Founding Titan –

As portrayed in AOT, when Ymir was a little boy, he set some pigs loose, for which the king punished him and posted his guards behind him.

Attack on Titan – The human history under Marley education

She fell into the water after entering the tree trunk when wounded, and a creature known as hallucigenia (Source of all living matter) was linked to her spin and changed her into Titan. The only part of Ymir’s titan that was visible was his skeleton, and his ribs also protruded from his body for the first time.


In fact, the biggest portion of its body was formed by its spin. It was believed that the Ymir Titan’s height is bigger than that of the Colossal titan.

The memory of the humans was later wiped by Karl Fritz’s titan, which had no skeleton after he had taken the Eldians to the island and helped them convert into the wall titan with the help of the founder titan. The transition of Uri Reiss’s titan, which had no bones, was similarly never depicted in the entire series. He was just seen carrying Kenny while participating in an experiment.

Frieda Reiss’s transformation has been portrayed very well and her body was mostly made of skin.

However, when Eren encapsulates the founding titan, it transforms into a skeleton that is considerably taller than the colossal titan.

ymir founding titan history

Since the spine was utilized to attach Eren’s severed head to his body, it served as the foundation for the Titan’s body on this occasion. The spine got larger as a result, and as the spine is essentially a group of bones (vertebrae and ribs).., this explains why Eren’s Founding Titan was made up of bone.

Can Eren use the Founding Titan’s Powers?

In the manga, Eren Yeager has access to the Founding Titan’s strength. The last season of the anime demonstrates this as well, with Eren using the founding titan to initiate the rumbling. Eren used the power of the first titan to free every titan that was encased in the walls.

After gaining the Founder’s power, Colossus Titan—the largest Titan in the Attack on Titan anime—became smaller in size.


Then he once more used the abilities of the Founding Titan to telepathically communicate with every Subject of Ymir and inform them of his plans to eradicate the whole outside world.

This time, Eren utilizes the power of the Founding Titan to telepathically connect with every one of his buddies within the routes individually and reveal his actual purpose.

In order to make his buddies look heroic in the eyes of the survivors, he intends to turn the anger of the world away from Paradis Island and onto himself. Additionally, he warns them that after his passing, the Titans’ strength will vanish, which turned out to be true.

How Many Titan Powers Does Eren Have In Attack On Titan?


In Attack on Titan, Eren manages to acquire the power of three different Titans: the Attack Titan, the Warhammer Titan, and the Founding Titan. All of these have different power and acquiring these made Eren one of the rivals of most of the world.

Initially, Eren’s father gave him a titan spinal fluid injection, which gave him the Attack Titan and Founding powers. Eren eventually learns about his past, yet it remains a mystery to him in certain ways.

Eren Gets the Warhammer Titan During season 4 during the Liberio arc. He beat the war hammer titan in combat resulting in eating her to survive.

It is unlikely that Eren will acquire the abilities of any further Titans in Attack on Titan given that the manga has concluded and we haven’t seen him take on any new forms since the anime’s present point in time..

Eren Founding Titan Wallpaper-


In Attack on Titan, Eren manages to acquire the power of three different Titans: the Attack Titan, the Warhammer Titan, and the Founding Titan.

Eren genuinely resembles a monster and why he is so big; the Spine just began to grow out of control, and instead of the body, it was the spine that served as the foundation for Eren’s Founding Titan form.

The spine got larger as a result, and as the spine is essentially a group of bones (vertebrae and ribs).., this explains why Eren’s Founding Titan was made up of bone.

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