Top 15 Best Possible Theories of One Piece 2022 that will blow your mind

One Piece
One Piece Theories

One Piece has a wide variety of mysterious characters as well as a lot of unsolved mysteries. One Piece fans have long speculated about various aspects of the plot, which has given rise to some fascinating and bizarre suggestions. Keep reading to learn about some of the most amazing One Piece theories, many of which may be far more likely than one may think.

So let’s start with the top 15 best possible theories of One Piece 2022 that will blow your mind and you can amaze that these theories also make sense in the One Piece Verse.

15. The Gorosei Lived Through the Void Century

Sakazuki and Five Elders Meeting
Gorosei in One Piece

Although there is minimal proof, there is a shocking possibility that the elders of the Gorosei were alive throughout the Void Century. According to this hypothesis, they are fundamentally eternal, maybe as a result of Jewelry Bonney’s impact. Some supporters think that if this were the reality, they would be held responsible for the fall of the Ancient Kingdom. It’s also feasible that they may have played an entirely different role given how complex One Piece politics are.

14. Usopp’s Lies Come True (Descendant of Noland Theory)

While Usopp frequently lies (the long nose is a lovely touch), fans who have studied the full One Piece tale have discovered that his falsehoods frequently come true later on. The following are some of the most prominent instances of this happening:

  • Usopp said pirates were attacking the village, and pirates attacked the village when he was introduced.
  • Usopp said he knew giants, after which he met giants.
  • Usopp said he found an island but found it was actually giant goldfish poop, and the giant goldfish was later revealed.
  • Usopp said he had an army of a thousand pirates under his command, and a swarm of pirates believed he was a god at one point.
Usopp Theories in One Piece

Usopp added that he is a Noland ancestor, which connects to a competing idea. The majority of Noland’s descendants are revealed to be unaware of their ancestry, with the exception of Luffy who came to believe that Noland and Usopp were the same people. However, they are all drawn to the sea by an unstoppable attraction that Usopp confirmed. Given that Usopp frequently tells lies that turn out to be true, it is possible that he is a Noland descendant.

13. Cerberus Blackbeard Theory

A popular theory suggests that Blackbeard consumed three Devil Fruits. According to a widely accepted idea about this complex theory that Blackbeard may have consumed a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that turned him into a Cerberus before he obtained the Dark Dark Fruit and the Quake Quake Fruit.

hqdefault 1
Blackbeard Theory in One Piece

According to myth, Cerberus creatures have three heads, therefore Blackbeard could consume two more Devil Fruits without meeting the same end as those who ate more than one. However, other fans think this is related to a different idea, according to which Blackbeard has two siblings inside of him due to a disorder known as “fetus in fetu”.

The theory is backed by images of triads connected to Blackbeard, such as the Jolly Roger of the Blackbeard Pirates, which has three skulls arranged together. Another illustration is the three diagonal scars Blackbeard put over Shanks‘ left eye.

12. Mihawk is the Son of Rayleigh and Shakky

The  Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk is surrounded by mystery, and several fans are speculating about his possible parents. Although there is no proof, many fans believe that Silvers Rayleigh and Shakuyaku may be Mihawk’s parents.

one piece dracule mihawk hd wallpaper preview
Mihawk in One Piece

While Mihawk and Shakuyaku have comparable tastes in music and clothing, there are also similarities between Mihawk’s given name and Rayleigh. It is a feasible explanation since, according to the calculations, Shakuyaku would have been 21 at the time of Mihawk’s birth and Rayleigh would have been 35.

11. The Ancient Weapons Theory

Since their introduction, the Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranus Ancient Weapons from The Void Century, which are shrouded in mystery for viewers and the main characters in One Piece, have been a popular issue among fans. While it has been suggested that these Ancient Weapons come from Greek mythology, aficionados think it’s more likely that they actually depict the planets.

One Piece Ancient Weapons Feature
One Piece Ancient Weapons

However, it’s possible that the World Government will be attacked with the Ancient Weapons. This might be the reason the World Government prohibited any investigation into the Poneglyphs, Ancient Weapons, or Void Century.

10. Kaido is the Charlotte Triplets’ Father

Only three of the Charlotte children—Oven, Katakuri, and Daifuku—were first known to be triplets, raised by Big Mom. There hasn’t been much information available about their father, though.

Screenshot Capture 2022 09 29 23 38 09
Charlotte Triplets in One Piece

Given that Kaido and Big Mom were members of the Rocks forty years ago, some fans think Kaido of the Beasts may be the father of the Charlotte triplets. The key piece of proof, however, is a confusing conversation between Kaido and Big Mom from chapter 907, in which Big Mom accuses Kaido of owing her a significant sum, which fans have interpreted as “unpaid child support.”

Also, there are some noticeable similarities between Kaido and Charlotte Katakuri such as their fashion sense and love for skulled tattoos, where Oven’s spikey beard and Daifuku’s stringy mustache are similar to their alleged father’s facial hair. However, this thing also makes sense which may link to an entirely different theory, Big mom used her power to make Kaido invincible hence the debt.

9. Big Mom’s Many Children

One further weird belief about Big Mom’s offspring is that by using her soul power on the unborn, she actually accelerates the development of her children in the womb. It’s also possible that she cut her lifespan short in order to hasten the growing process.

Big Mom Children in One Piece

In any case, this hypothesis is as astounding as it is unsettling. It undoubtedly gives the name “Big Mom” a completely new meaning.

8. Shanks the Keeper of Secrets

Many hypotheses surround Shanks’ background in One Piece Film: Red as well as Shanks’ love partners and offspring because Shanks has always been a mystery figure. The situation has grown so bad that some One Piece fans now think Shanks is genuinely bad. There are ideas as to what Shanks may actually be planning, with Shanks Observation Haki providing the most sensible reason.

shanks luffy straw hat
Shanks in One Piece

It’s said that Shanks has more precise and detailed vision than what fans had imagined. Shanks certainly knows more than he lets on, whether it’s because of his Observation Haki or because of his years of travel. His murky actions may be intended to preserve the balance of power in place as well as to conceal history, which may include information that may start a major conflict.

It’s possible that Shanks is keeping an eye on the New World and making sure that the Poneglyphs—which carry the forbidden knowledge of The Void Century—are not to be decoded. According to this idea, Whitebeard’s declaration that the One Piece will turn the world “upside-down” in his last moments might be the major driver for Shanks’ actions. This would also explain Gorosei’s desire for pirate outlaws to control the New World instead of the World Government.

7. The Inherited Will Theory

The One Piece theory with the greatest evidence behind it may be the Inherited Will Theory. It’s ridiculously complicated and has references to several One Piece plot points, but it could provide some light on the controversy surrounding the discovery of the One Piece, which is supposed to be the ultimate weapon.

one piece east blue
World Navi East Blue Map in One Piece

It implies that Roger inherited a desire to merge the four seas into a single, enormous ocean. In order to construct the All Blue, the Red Line would need to be destroyed, maybe using Ancient Weapons that the World Government prohibited.

However, Roger fell ill and was unable to finish the job, which led to the beginning of The Golden Age of Piracy so that another pirate could finish the job. There is plenty of proof for the theory, but the most noteworthy instance is in chapter 610, where the mermaid Madam Shyarly imagines Luffy destroying Fish-Man Island, which is only possible if the Redline is destroyed.

6. Monkey D. Dragon is a Former Marine

Monkey D. Dragon was a marine in the One Piece universe, according to an intriguing notion. This argument might be based on Oda’s well-known penchant for mixing myths, stories, and folklore into One Piece.

Monkey D. Dragon in One Piece

The depiction of the four seas—North, South, East, and West—in Chinese mythology has been connected by fans. The seas are symbolized by the colors Yellow, Blue, White, and Red. Over time, a Monkey, Bird, Dragon, and Dog have also been used to represent the seas.

The East sea would be left if the North sea (yellow, monkey) were partnered with Admiral Kizaru, the South sea (blue, bird), Admiral Aokiji, and the West sea (red, dog), Admiral Akainu. It would fit with Admiral “White Dragon,” who, in accordance with the theory, is said to be Monkey D. Dragon.

Another legend, about a king with four subjects—a bird, a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant—could give support to the theory. The bird chose to leave after learning that the king was terrible and telling his companions the truth, while the others stayed for various reasons. According to the story’s connections to Chinese mythology, Dragon may have resigned from his admiral post after seeing how corrupt the global government was.

5. Numbered Devil Fruits

The One Piece reality would not completely alter in response to the Numbered Devil Fruits idea. It’s amazing, though, since if this theory is confirmed, it would have been obvious to One Piece fans all along.

One piece
Straw Hats in One Piece

For a very long time, fans have been guessing about who might join the Straw Hat Pirates. An interesting fan revealed some intriguing insights in Oda’s One Piece Q&A column named SBS Volume 59, stating:

“D: Odacchi! I noticed an amazing thing!!! It is that if you show the Straw Hat Devil Fruit users in numbers, it will be the numbers from 1~10!!”

This is a reference to how the Devil Fruits of the Straw Hat Pirates have numbers from 1 to 10 in their Japanese names. Oda appears to have answered with the vague statement:

“WHAAAAAT?! (shock) Gosh that surprised me! Why was I surprised?! NO COMMENTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! NEXT!!”

Going by the Japanese name for Luffy’s Devil Fruit, Gomu Gomu no Mi, “Go” would be the Sino-Japanese number for 5, and “Mu” would be the Native-Japanese number, making Gomu Gomu no Mi “” Devil Fruit numbers for certain other Straw Hat members would be as follows:

  • Chopper: Hito Hito (
  • Robin: Hana Hana (
  • Brook: Yomi Yomi (

All this theory would leave out is a Devil Fruit user, resulting in “2.9.” The numbers also add up to an interesting reference with this idea – 6 (Gomu) + 110 (Hito) + 87 (Hana) + 43 (Yomi) + 29 (Nikyu) = 325, which might also signify “San” (3) “Ni” (2) “Go” (5), a possible nod to the Thousand Sunny.

4. The Giant Strawhat is Linked to Uranus

The enormous straw hat that was discovered frozen is very similar to the one that Luffy first revealed in chapter 906. The Donquixote Doflamingo mentions Mary Geoise’s national treasure during the Dressrosa storyline, saying that its disclosure “would shock the world to its core.”

is luffy the ancient weapon uranus 1
The Giant Strawhat

The scene occurred soon after the conversation, even though there is no proof that the large straw hat is the national treasure in question. Many admirers think that this straw hat may be the Ancient Weapon Uranus as a result of this claim.

Most people, though, think that it’s simply related to the Ancient Weapon Uranus, either by hiding a secret signal or in some other way. After the identities of the Ancient Weapons Poseidon and Pluton—a mermaid princess and an enormous battleship—were disclosed, a huge hole remained about Uranus—a hole that a gigantic straw hat may just fit into.

3. Joyboy Ruled the Ancient Kingdom

The only person who appears to be able to decipher the puzzling Poneglyphs is Robin, and during the Fisherman Island arc, she discovered something interesting. Robin finds an apology from “Joyboy” to a “mermaid princess” who turns out to be the Ancient Weapon Poseidon written on a Poneglyph.

The Ancient Kingdom

Fans started to believe that Joyboy was in charge of the Ancient Kingdom, which may have been based on a Javanese king by the name of Jayabaya/Joyoboyo. Similar to the Poneglyphs of the Ancient Empire, Joyoboyo foresaw the demise of his kingdom and recorded its history as a result.

Joyoboyo also predicted that Ratu Adil, a chosen one, will rebalance the planet in the future. This may designate Luffy as the chosen hero in the One Piece universe.

2. Raftel is the Ancient Kingdom

The Ohara Scholars identified the Ancient Kingdom’s name before their deaths, after which the Gorosei covered it up. He tells that Gol D. Roger and his team discovered the truth about The Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom in addition to discovering Raftel when the Straw Hats encounter Rayleigh.

Raftel One Piece 1 1
Raftel Theories in One Piece

This idea also draws on Whitebeard’s final remark that the finding of the One Piece will flip the world “upside-down.” Some people think the island of Raftel and the Ancient Kingdom is the same, even though it’s possible that Raftel has mysteries connected to it.

1. The One Piece is on the Moon

The One Piece idea was saved for last since it’s completely out there; even while it doesn’t have many supporters, it surely has a lot more proof than one may anticipate. The One Piece treasure located on the moon and the true history originating from outer space are the central themes of this intense theory, which spans the entire One Piece storyline beginning with the Skypiea arc (where Robin encounters the city of Shandora and discovers clues of an ancient civilization that “fell”)

Although it may appear absurd, there are many facts that support this theory, or at least a version of it. The Will of D, the secrets of the Poneglyphs, the Void Century, the secret plans of the World Government, the origins of the Celestial Dragons, and the ancient civilisation at Shandora are all connected by this theory. We’ve included the most significant points below because there are so many facets of this idea to discuss.

Eneru’s Great Space Mission describes how Eneru reached the moon and includes mythology about an extinct race of humans known as “Mooninites.” This demonstrates that the entities with diverse haircuts and wings that are seen in One Piece actually existed on the moon.

one piece space 1
one piece space 2

The One Piece tale makes use of the same visual references to hint to descendants arriving on Earth and coexisting with people. This might result from an attack on their society employing Ancient Weapons of Mass Destruction or in a conflict for their control, with their names hinting to their alien origins (and not Greek mythology).

According to this theory, the attackers would later evolve into the Celestial Dragon lineage, explaining why Celestial Dragons in the One Piece universe have political issues. The World Government’s opposition to decoding the Poneglyphs would likewise be explained by this.

In contrast, the Mooninites’ offspring would have grown up and mated with humans, establishing a new bloodline. These would be characters whose names begin with “D.,” which refers to “The Will of D.” and resembles a half-moon, referring to their ancestors’ status as Mooninite and human hybrids.

luffy moon
One Piece Theory

This notion is undoubtedly popular, but it really began to take off until Oda released the cover below, which shows Luffy with wings. Could this be a more explicit allusion to Luffy’s Mooninite ancestry and his destiny to overthrow the World Government and bring peace to the world? Time will only tell.
All of the wildest and most incredible One Piece ideas to date are presented here, with graphics courtesy of Fandom, Screenrant, Anime Underground Ranker, and devoted Reddit and Quora users. It’s entertaining to piece together minor facts in order to explain some of the more puzzling gaps, even if there isn’t any concrete evidence to support any of these views. Oda isn’t afraid to tease followers with unclear answers, so some of these speculations could be more accurate than what fans might anticipate.

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