Top 25 Strongest Characters in One Piece with Ranked

One Piece whose creator is Eiichiro Oda is one of the most popular anime and manga series ever created. It is about the treasure chest which is left by the Pirate King. All the Pirates and government want to find that One Piece treasure and the Pirates wanted to become the Pirate King and the government wants to hide that treasure because that treasure contains secrets of the world government. So, Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew are popular around the world with their adventures. These millions of fans waiting for new chapters of the manga and new episodes of the anime of One Piece.

Mugiwara crew chap989
Straw Hat Crew in One Piece

One Piece is become one of the “Big Three” anime series, alongside Bleach and Naruto, and in this article, we want to tell to about the legacy of this highly entertaining work and its powerful characters which are shown in One Piece World.

The 25 most powerful One Piece characters to date will be included in this article. The characters will come from various story arcs. You’ll learn some fundamental facts about them, from which you may derive the reasons behind our placement of them where we have on our list. They will be listed in order of strength, with the first one being the strongest and the 25th one being the weakest.

25. Monkey D. Dragon

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Monkey D. Dragon by One Piece Fandom

We start with the list of the top 25. The 25th strongest character on this list is a very mysterious character who is certainly stronger than he looks. Monkey D. Dragon is the head as well as the founder of the Revolutionary Army and as such declared the enemy number one by the World Government with the nickname “The Revolutionary“.

He is the father of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy and the son of Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp.

During the Gray Terminal fire and again when World Noble Jalmack sinks the little boy’s boat, he encounters Sabo and saves him. He eventually accepts Sabo into the revolutionary army after curing him. In Rogue Town, just as Smoker is about to capture Luffy, Dragon gets involved to save his son and aid in his escape.

He gathers a meeting of the revolutionary leaders following the Battle of Marineford since Whitebeard’s death would affect the global order. In order to declare war on the World Nobles during the Reverie, he summons a new conference with the Revolutionary Army’s top brass following the events of Dressrosa.

24. Crocodile

Crocodile Portrait
Crocodile by One Piece Fandom

Crocodile is the main strongest antagonist of the Alabasta arc and he appeared as the main antagonist of One Piece’s eighth film as well. He rarely loses his temper and always displays great intelligence and attention in every aspect of his plans, making sure that they can be successful even if they do not go as he had foreseen. He has a very high sense of self-worth and believes very strongly in his own strength, which always leads him to treat anyone from top to bottom.

The crocodile has consumed the Rogia Sand Sand fruit, which gives it the ability to transform into the sand, render itself invisible to all except liquids, produce storms and blades of sand, and dry up whatever it comes in contact with by absorbing the liquid portion.

Crocodile’s left hand is replaced with a gigantic golden hook that conceals a potent venom that can cause the foe to go into heart failure. Before he joined the Fleet of Seven, he was subject to an 81 million Berry bounty.

23. Boa Hancock

Hancock Kicking Petrified Enemy
Boa Hancock by One Piece Fandom

Boa Hancock is a very famous captain of the Kuja Pirates and Amazon Empress Lily, who is famous for her beauty in the One Piece world. She is also known as “The Pirates Empress“, while the island’s Amazons refer to her as “The Serpent Princess“.

Boa Hancock’s beauty is so famous that anyone who saw her falls in love with her at her feet and is always forgiven for her beauty, Hancock poses as a selfish, spoiled, and naughty woman. Hancock has the ability of Paramecia-type Devil Fruit Mero Mero no Mi, which allows a range of attacks that use emotions of lust or perversion to transform opponents into stone.

Her devil fruit effect can be nullified by something distracting the target’s attention, by simple disinterest, or by Hancock herself. Hancock can turn anyone into stone when she hits with physical attacks. To keep some of the secrets hidden from the Kuja, Hancock tells her subjects that she possesses this power because she killed a gorgon. She is a warlord, also the World government announce a bounty of 82 million Berries hung over her head.

22. Portgas D. Ace

anime one piece portgas d ace wallpaper preview
Ace by Wallpaper Flare

Ace is the Second commander of the Whitebeard Pirates crew. Ace left his native village at the age of 17. Sabo, Luffy, and Ace make promises in accordance with Ace left the village to complete the promise that one day he will be a great pirate. Luffy is Ace’s adopted brother who was never able to beat him, despite the fact that the latter already possessed the power of his Devil Fruit which is Logia-type Devil Fruit Mera Mera no Mi that allows him to create, control, and transform into the fire at will.

Ace and Luffy did most of their training alone, but they were partly trained by Vice Admiral Garp, their grandfather, and partly by Captain Naguri in the anime version of the manga.

They were also both raised in the town of Fuchsia in East Blue by Dadan, a “friend” of the Vice Admiral. Another example of Ace’s power is his capacity to withstand Marshall D. Teach’s fists while losing the Devil Fruit effect and responding appropriately, as seen by the notes Van Augur.

Ace always carries a Knife with him which helps him to fight his enemies. Ace has excellent stamina which makes him a good fighter. Indeed, when he was just a rookie, he manage to fight with Jinbe for 5 days and 5 nights in a row. In the end, their duel finishes with the result of a Draw.

So even before he joined Whitebeard’s group, he already matched Jinbe’s level and that of a Shichibukai. He received an invitation to Shichibukai status just before this conflict because there was an emptiness.

21. Charlotte Katakuri

katakuri one piece hd wallpaper preview
Katakuri by Wallpaper Flare

Charlotte Katakuri is the second child of Big Mom, the Minister of Flour, and one of the three Generals of Sweets; she is also the subject of a bounty of 1,057,000,000 Berries. Not only has he never lost, but Brulee claims that he has never even been knocked out.

He kills everybody who sees him, even if just accidentally since he has an extremely large mouth filled with fangs that he constantly keeps covered by a scarf and only notices when he needs to eat.

Cold and isolated, he presents a very calm and polished demeanor in public, but when alone, he exposes himself to be as rapacious and unrestrained as Big Mom. Despite this, he has a strong sense of devotion and honor for those who he believes are deserving of praise.

Katakuri has the same type of Devil fruit (Gomu Gomu no Mi) as Luffy. Katakuri has the ability of the Mochi Mochi Fruit. His ability to freely manipulate mochi makes him a versatile fighter with different types of attacks. Katakuri can also use the color of Observation Haki to see into the future and sometimes avoid enemy attacks.

20. Dracule Mihawk

anime one piece dracule mihawk wallpaper preview
Dracule Mihawk by Wallpaper Flare

Dracule Mihawk is a warlord also known as “Hawkeye” due to his fearsome eye and is universally believed to be the best swordsman in the world. He has a small beard and mustache, a slim build, and a strong sense of dignity. He is quiet, reserved, and carries himself with pride and discipline.

Mihawk wields a gigantic black sword, called the Black Sword, which is belonging to the category of the supreme Wazamono, the best in the world. With the use of it, he can deflect any bullets and cut the entire galleons into two parts, as he did with the fifty ships of the Creek fleet.

Although he is a member of the Fleet, he doesn’t seem to care much about the issues facing the global government. In fact, he left Marineford after Shanks arrived, saying that he had agreed to face Whitebeard but not Red-Hair. In reality, the two were once fierce rivals in the art of the sword, and their battles are remembered to this day. Mihawk has earned his place on our list of the strongest One Piece characters as the finest living swordsman.

19. Fujitora

Issho Unsheathing His Blade
Fujitora by One Piece Fandom

Fujitora is an admiral in the Marines. He is also named Issho who is recruited through a worldwide selection together with the Ryokugyu after the appointment of Akainu as grand admiral and the resignation of Aokiji.

Fujitora blinded himself to not see the horrors and ugliness of the world because of that on his forehead remained a cross-shaped scar that extends over his eyes. He is handicapped so he walks with the help of a shirasaya, a stick that hides inside a katana that it uses in combat.

In comparison, Fujitora appears to be seeking, like Aokiji before him, the ideas of moral justice. He opposes and criticizes the Navy’s ideology of ultimate justice. His major goal is the eradication of the Fleet of Seven because he despises it so much. He consumed the Paramisha Zushi Zushi fruit, which gave him the ability to manipulate gravity.

18. Aokiji

Aokiji by Alpha Coders

Aokiji’s real name is Kuzan. Initially, he was an admiral in the Navy, but after Akainu’s appointment as Grand Admiral, he leaves the Navy. He is a very slothful person who always assumes a laid-back attitude, regardless of the circumstance.

He adheres to moral justice, and in particular, while bearing in mind the devastation of Ohara, he contends that justice may be upheld and carried out without resulting in the deaths of innocent people. Aokiji turned into an iceman after consuming the Logia Frost Frost Devil fruit.

He has the power to immediately turn an opponent into ice and to completely freeze a body of water. His facial features were influenced by Ysaku Matsuda, a Japanese actor.

17. Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp Anime Infobox 0
Monkey D. Garp by One Piece Fandom

Deputy Admiral Monkey D. Garp serves in the Navy. He is the grandfather of Monkey D. Dragon and the revolutionary Monkey D. Luffy. Despite his obvious allegiance to the group, he does not follow anyone’s justice ideal.

Garp, also known as “The Fist” because of his famous punch power, is regarded as one of the most well-known and feared members of the Navy since he was one of the few who could compete with pirate king Gol D. Roger.

His heroic actions and his fame would have allowed him to become an admiral, but he has always refused this promotion because holding this rank would have greatly limited his freedom of action and would have placed him under the direct control of the world nobles.

Despite his undeniable loyalty to the global government, Garp really has a very negative impression of celestial dragons. Additionally, because of his impetuous, impulsive, and irresponsible nature, he is not hesitant to disrespect them or any other leaders he considers unfit.

16. Enel

Enel by One Piece Fandom

Enel is also known as the “God” of Skypiea, he had complete authority over the island, especially because of his Mantra. He gave this title much too much weight. Due to Luffy’s inherent immunity to Goro Goro no Mi’s abilities, Enel seems to be weaker than many others despite being highly powerful. Enel proved his might as he swiftly and easily destroyed Robin, Gan Forr, Wiperm, and Zoro without giving them a chance to react.

Enel is quite knowledgeable and aware of things that many locals are not, such as the price of gold and its characteristics. He is able to keep these details to himself because of this knowledge. However, he was not aware of the rubber’s presence prior to Luffy’s arrival.

He has a remarkable capacity for adaptation and is also quite insightful. Enel was confident in his forecast that the Survival Game would conclude with him and four other players, but it turned out to be false when Gan Forr eliminated the old deity instead of feeling Luffy in Nola’s stomach, proving Enel’s error.

15. Marco

Marco One Day
Marco by One Piece Fandom

Marco is the First commander of the Whitebeard Pirates Crew. Marco was in charge of lower-level employees. He was one of the few guys who had not been harmed by the haki that Pirate Emperor Shanks had launched. He has been a part of the crew since Gol D. Roger’s time, making him one of the older crew members. He has spent at least 28 years by Whitebeard’s side.

Given his role as the Commander of the first division, he was likely the strongest member of his crew (apart from Whitebeard himself). With Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu, Marco has been able to try to pick a battle (three Marine admirals). Another sign of Marco’s power is that the Five Elders believe he is one of the few individuals capable of taking down Blackbeard.

14. Kizaru

Borsalino in Film Z
Kizaru by One Piece Fandom

Kizaru’s real name in One Piece is Borsalino, he is a Navy admiral. He is a careless, absent, and thoughtless person. Even in the midst of challenging circumstances, when he frequently plays up fear or wonder in a mocking manner, he typically talks in a very cool and collected manner and never loses his composure.

Kizaru based his actions on the so-called “vague justice”: he doesn’t appear to have sympathy for the offenders, but he also avoids hurting innocent people and punishing his soldiers for showing hesitation. He ate the Logia-type devil fruit “Pika Pika Fruit” which gave him the ability to transform into a man of light.

Because of the logia type, he is capable of firing laser-like beams of light, striking the opponent, traveling at the speed of light, and becoming intangible at command. His body is totally made up of photons that may reunite if the body is destroyed. His facial features were modeled after those of Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka.

13. Donquixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo by One Piece Fandom

The primary villain of Dressrosa’s story arc is Donquixote Doflamingo. He is the leader of the Donquixote clan and the ruler of Dressrosa, going by the nickname “Heavenly Demon.”

One of the most powerful people in the world both politically and economically, he has long been in charge of the slave trade in the Sabaody Islands and is in charge of many criminal enterprises in the New World while using the codename Joker; in addition, because he is aware of a secret involving the celestial dragons, his power can even surpass that of the grand admiral of the navy.

Doflamingo is an extremely arrogant, brutal, and heartless person who thinks that a new era of piracy is coming and that there is no place for idealists or dreamers in it. After eating the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit- Filo Filo fruit, Doflamingo is now able to make and utilise threads at will.

They enable him to exert more control over a target and manipulate it like a puppet, to attack and sever, to insert them into his body to restore organ damage, and, after awakening his fruit, to change the surrounding items into manipulable threads. pleasure. Also, His bounty was worth 340 million Berries before he joined the Fleet of Seven.

12. Kozuki Oden

Oden at Age 18
Oden by One Piece Fandom

Oden’s full name is Kozuki Oden and he had extensive authority and power in the region as the daimyo of Kuri before he passed away. Oden was known as a very powerful pirate who was well respected and liked by both crews (Gold D. Roger Crew & Whitebeard Crew). He was a former division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and a previous member of the Roger Pirates.

Even the mink tribesmen in Zou, whose chiefs Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are Nine Red Scabbards members, are affected by his power. Furthermore, the Kozuki family has earned the respect and allegiance of the rest of the mink tribe since they were all prepared to die rather than let one of Oden’s vassals be taken, even after Oden had passed away. Any ranking of the top half One Piece characters should undoubtedly include a non-Devil Fruit user who came close to defeating Kaido.

11. Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law by Alpha Coders

The captain of the Heart Pirates and one of the Eleven Supernovas that arrived on the Sabaody Islands at the same time as Luffy’s crew is Trafalgar D. Water Law, also known by the nickname “The Surgeon of Death.” He consumed the Paramecia type Devil Fruit- Ope Ope no mi fruit, which grants him the ability to establish domains of controllable activity. He joined the Fleet of Seven during the two years that passed between the first and second half of the story.

Although his main objective is to exact revenge on Do Flamingo, whom he has been tortured to for some time, he allies up with Luffy to battle Emperor Kaido. As a result, he is kicked out of the company and has a $500,000,000 reward placed on his head. The incredible powers of Law’s Devil Fruit are what put him so high on this ranking of the strongest One Piece characters.

10. Akainu

Sakazuki Digitally Colored Manga
Akainu by One Piece fandom

One of the three Navy admirals at first, Akainu—whose real name is Sakazuki—becomes Grand Admiral in Sengoku’s place later. He is the one who most exemplifies the concepts of ultimate justice and is cold, emotionless, authoritarian, and cruel. He also has visceral hate for pirates and other criminals.

His allegiance appears to be to the Navy and its ideal of justice rather than the government as a whole. He is furious to find that even the Five Stars of Wisdom have been deceived by Donquixote Doflamingo under the commands of the Celestial Dragons, for whom he has no apparent respect.

9. Sengoku

Sangoku by One Piece Amino

After the Battle of Marineford, Sengoku, who had been serving as the Navy’s Grand Admiral originally, resigned from his position and remained in the organisation as inspector general to teach fresh recruits. He is 79 years old in the second chapter of the narrative. Sengoku frequently presents as sober, composed, and fiercely devoted to the global government. He doesn’t hold the Fleet of Seven or pirates in high regard. He adheres to the idea of impartial justice.

Because of his position in the Navy, he was able to uncover several government secrets, including the real reason Ohara was destroyed and how D. Sengoku ate the fruit. permits you to change into a terrifyingly powerful big golden buddha who is able to unleash destructive shockwaves from the palm of his hand. Sengoku is still the most powerful of the two, despite Akainu’s greater threat.

8. Big Mom

Main featured image
Big Mom by Deviantart

Because of his position in the Navy, he was able to uncover several government secrets, including the real reason Ohara was destroyed and how D. Sengoku ate the fruit. permits you to change into a terrifyingly powerful big golden buddha who is able to unleash destructive shockwaves from the palm of his hand. Sengoku is still the most powerful of the two, despite Akainu’s greater threat.

Big Mom loses her crazy and starts destroying and devouring everything around her, even killing her own children, when she wants a certain sweet and doesn’t receive it. Despite her brutality, she is dedicated to creating Totto Land as a place where people of all races may live without discrimination and division.

Big Mom has the capacity to manipulate souls owing to the Paramisha Soul Soul fruit, which she acquired. With just a touch, she may entirely or partially shorten someone’s life by removing their soul.

7. Kaido

Kaido by Alpha Coders

In One Piece chronological chronology, Kaido is the final Emperor to make an appearance. He is known as “The Lord of the Beasts” because he is the leader of the Beasts Pirates, a sizable army of Smile holders that Donquixote Doflamingo supplies to him until he is captured. The reason he is referred to be “the strongest creature in the world” is that he has managed to survive despite being killed forty times, caught by the Navy and his enemies eighteen times, and vanquished seven times.

Because of this, he is seen as eternal, and he frequently tries suicide but is unsuccessful, to the point that it has become his favourite activity. After his defeat by Luffy, Kaido dropped from his initial place on the list of the strongest One Piece characters, which was significantly higher.

6. Monkey D. Luffy

The star of the One Piece manga and anime is the pirate Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is the son of Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon, the grandson of the famous Navy hero, Monkey D. Garp, and the adopted son of a mountain bandit, Curly Dadan as well as the adopted brother of the late Protgas D. Ace and Sabo.

1254641 1
Monkey D. Luffy by Alpha Coders

Among other things, his actions led to the current prize of Symbol 1,500,000,000. Before reaching the Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy was one of the eleven illustrious pirates known as the “Eleven Supernovae,” who had a 300,000,000 Symbol reward on their heads. The newspapers dubbed him the “Fifth Emperor” of the seas because to his new loot that he received following the events of the Whole Cake Island Arc. Following the activation of Gear 5 and the revelation of the actual nature of his Devil Fruit, Luffy rose to the top of this list of the most powerful One Piece characters.

5. Blackbeard

Blackbeard Wake up21
Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard by One Piece Fandom

Blackbeard, sometimes known as Marshall D. Teach, is one of the One Piece manga’s primary foes. He is both the leader of Blackbeard’s crew and a previous assistant to Whitebeard. Portuguese D. Ace is admitted to the Fleet of Seven to take the place of the deceased Crocodile after being defeated and delivered to the Navy.

He later resigns after breaking into Impel Down prison and hiring some of the most violent inmates in history. He enters the Battle of Marineford with his new crew, kills Whitebeard, steals his power, and then replaces him as one of the Four Emperors.

4. Shanks

Akagami Shanks by Alpha Coders

Shanks is the first historical Emperor and the Red’s Great Pirate Leader. The man is called “the Red” because of his medium height, scar on his left eye, missing left arm, and red hair. He is friendly, respectful, and devoted to his friends; the only behavior he will not put up with is being rude or being threatened with it.

The author said that he had drawn inspiration from himself in describing Shanks’ cool and collected attitude. He is the first character to employ ambition, demonstrating that it can even be used to harm the environment. He is also renowned for his excellent swordsmanship, which has allowed him to fight Dracule Mihawk, a close friend and adversary, on an equal level.

3. Whitebeard

One of the most formidable crews to have ever existed, the Whitebeard Pirates, were led by Whitebeard as their commander. He was able to engage Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, in fair combat since he was the only man in the world. The fact that Kaido, dubbed “the Mightiest Creature,” believes Whitebeard would be one of the few opponents who might stand up to him in battle serves to highlight his unique strength.

Whitebeard One day
Whitebeard by One Piece Fandom

As previously mentioned, Newgate was the strongest of the Four Emperors—the four most ruthless pirates that control the second part of the Grand Line—along with Shanks, Kaido, and Big Mom. Because of his stellar reputation, Edward Newgate was considerably more effective than the contract he made with the World Government two hundred years ago before his passing in keeping slave traffickers and pirates away from Fish-Man Island just by declaring it his jurisdiction. Like Don Krieg, Newgate commanded a sizable pirate fleet of 1,600 pirates, organized into sixteen divisions, each under the direction of an exceptionally potent division commander.

2. Gol D. Roger

Roger at Age 47
Gold D. Roger by One Piece Fandom

Gol D. Roger, sometimes referred to as Gold Roger, was the first and only Pirate Lord and the previous keeper of the fabled One Piece. The only crew to have crossed the Grand Line and secured the islands of Lodestar and Laugh Tale was Roger’s The Pirates Roger Pirates. Additionally, he had a child with Portgas D. Rouge named Portgas D. Ace. He was put to death at Loguetown, where he was born, more than 20 years ago. Roger has demonstrated skill in two different styles of haki.

When Roger confronts Whitebeard by imbuing his sabre with this Haki, it is clear that he has a very high degree of proficiency with the Haki of Armament. When Roger and Whitebeard clashed, Roger demonstrated his ability to utilize the Haki of Kings by releasing a sizable Shard of Haki of Kings.

1. Rocks D. Xebec

Sengoku claims that although the extent of Rocks’ strength is unclear, in his day he was so strong that it needed the combined efforts of Garp and Roger to overcome him. Even more so than Whitebeard, he is regarded as Roger’s first and most fearsome adversary. This is supported by Kaidou’s belief that Xebec was one of the few individuals who could defeat him in battle.

Rocks D. Xebec by One Piece Fandom

Rocks was the captain of his own crew, which included famed pirates like Big Mom, Kaidou, Whitebeard, and Shiki, among others. Both of these dislike taking instructions, which paints a picture of Rocks’ outstanding leadership. Sengoku’s recollections show Rocks brandishing a sword. He is undoubtedly the strongest character in One Piece since he is the most powerful pirate.

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